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Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

Is there any real evidence that vegetarians live longer than people that eat meat or is this just a myth?

Human life is precious and is so very short, so it is only natural that we try to enhance and increase the length of our lives. A lot of things can increase a humans life span, like how much we exercise or having a low blood pressure for example, but can living a vegetarian lifestyle increase your life span?

Red meat contains a lot of fat and quite a lot of the fat is saturated fat so people are starting to eat less beef, lamb and pork as a result and some are even going the extra mile by giving up all meat and fish and becoming vegetarians. However if you are becoming vegetarian just for the health benefits then I would suggest that you still eat fish as it is very good for you (especially oily fish).

This means that the average vegetarian will have a lot less saturated fat in their diet which would significantly lower the chances of heart disease and certain cancers to name the least. This alone would booster the chances of someone living longer than someone who eats meat.

Lets say two people are not subject to any death but that of aging and they both lived the same lifestyle, who would live the longest? Will unfortunately no-one knows the answer for sure but from previous studies that have been carried out showed vegetarians tend to live an average of up to 7 years more than meat eaters.

So all though we do not know for certain if a vegetarian lives longer than a meat eater there are a couple of things we do know about a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet can be described as one of the most healthiest diet and has great benefits such as the prevention and treatment of certain diseases and can prevent some cancers! It also provides enough nutrition for the body to work in our day to day lives and can open your eyes to foods, recipes and dishes you never knew existed!

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