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Living Life Practically

Life needs to be understood practically before accepted physically.

Often is it questioned, what is life all about, why are we here and what is it that we need to fulfill?  We delve deep into our own nature, seeking answers to the age old riddle of life.  People reach this point of questioning mostly in the times in their life when things start to feel a bit of a strain or struggle physically.  They wonder why they have to achieve things and question what the meaning behind such physical limitation is. 

We live in a world that holds to certain rules and structures.  Born into it and taught by all that have already been before.  Always are we told how it must be and what we should be doing, but never are we told why it must be or why we must participate at all?  Even children are constantly being spoken to in a way that only provides no and yes answers, and never an understanding of why they need to experience things in such systems and structure.

There are stages of thinking that a person goes through in order to understand their position in life.  They first have issues that arise and they must then confront physical limitation and constraint.  Firstly they will fight against their perceived oppressor’s words and rules, just like when a child refuses to do things when a parent asks of it.  Even though the oppressor might not always be pushing concepts and ideas onto a person for want of hurting them, mostly it is done out of caring and wanting for another person to fit into life.  It is still when brought down to simplicity, a rule presented forth through another person’s beliefs and opinions on life.  It is not until we reach the stage of adulthood that we realize how much this is evident, that what our parents always told us to do, is not necessarily the way we will choose to do it for ourselves. 

Fighting against restriction is the first step we take on the path to understanding life and why we are here.  We first confront our position in life and question why all things must take place, and why we need to participate in all the physical rules and structures in life.  The next stage is when we realize that certain rules and structures when not met in life bring to us worse struggle than our defiance from wanting to participate.  This is the stage that leads to depression for a lot of people, and when they reach this stage most often they will seek outside help for answers. 

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