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The Benefits of Vegetarian

"Step back from being cruelty will benefits your future" said Samuel Choo.

Had you ever ask yourself what kind of food do you prefer? Will you choose to eat fried chicken, fish, pork or any related to meat? The world has change, it is no longer be the centuries of Jesus. While compare our generation with the centuries of Jesus, we could see and imagine what Jesus eat. But now, our generation has change. Taking any meat will help you prevent hungry for a period of time. However, taking lots of meats may cause health risk. Taking vegetarian is the bright choices, because there were several benefits for our health. So what are the benefits that vegetarian can provide to us?

Benefit One: Avoid any Disease

In western country, such as California, Australia, U. States, and etc would they would prefer eighty percents to take on meat. Taking meat will help to prevent coldness, fit your hungry, however taking lots of meats will comes to the end soon. To avoid any disease happen, we need to train our self day by day to forget meats and to touch the vegetarian.

            Vegetarian is vegetables, but not all vegetables are vegetarian. Vegetarian has no poison, unlike the meats you take, such as fish that has been infected. A food that has been infected and eaten by us, we will get disease that cannot be measure. Eating is very important, we need to keep an eye on the food we’re taken. Vegetarian are the common with vegetables, however vegetarian may not fit our hungry and prevent coldness. Taking vegetarian is the only way to prevent any disease because it is not from the sea or ocean.

Benefit Two: Good for Meditation

Many people’s nowadays has prefer to take vegetarian as their daily meal more than meats. In China, there’s more than millions of Buddhist Monk where they can be found at the temple or at street. They all takes vegetarian, what is the goods to eat without any meats? In fact the purpose for them are good for meditation.

Benefit Three: Save the World

Many advertisement where can be found at the newspaper, internet and etc, that are saying reduce the cruelty among animal, start on vegetarian. In fact, no ones can follow what the advertisement has said. If we continue to kill an animal, the echo system will be effects and we can’t leave without them. Many animals has been sacrifices because of human’s attitude.

            Vegetarian will be the medicine for us to left the cruelty and begin our new life which we could live as long as possible without any disease, unless you take a step back to meats.

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