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The Importance of Having a Positive Attitude

Your attitude influences your social status, your finances, your health, the way you challenge obstacles, and the kind of people you attract to your life.

A positive attitude is important to your social status, your health, your work, the way you challenge obstacles, and the kind of people you attract to your life.

A positive attitude will bring more positive opportunities into your life. In a world that revolves around who you know, a winning attitude can make you a star in your social network and net you the opportunity of a lifetime. It attracts successful people who share the same goals.

A positive attitude will help your body to heal faster from illness. In the Bible, the Psalmist writes, “A cheery heart doeth good like a medicine.” Lead researcher Dr. Glenn Ostir believes in the mind-body connection, that our mental and emotional attitudes really do influence our physical health.

A positive attitude can get you a job. With a positive attitude, you have decided you will win before you even begin. This attitude can, figuratively speaking, move mountains. When you go to an interview, a positive attitude can manifest as being easygoing, easy to talk to, and relaxed. This also can net you large financial opportunities. According to a website called “1000ventures”, a study by Harvard University showed that 85% of the time when a person gets a job, it was because of their positive attitude and not because of the skills they showed. Employers look for people with positive attitudes, who can do the work with joy, and make teamwork with others happy.

A positive attitude can make you a success. Some of the most successful people have had many setbacks. Many millionaires have had to work extra hard to achieve their dreams. They may have had average grades in school, and did not get scholarships, but their above average determination won them their dreams. And where would we be if Thomas Edison had given up on inventing the light bulb, declaring instead, that he had tried 1,000 types of filaments, and it just wasn’t going to work. But amidst jeers, he went on to invent a light bulb with a filament that stayed lit.

A positive attitude makes you fun to be around. We naturally feel uplifted around people who are positive and happy. It adds to our personal energy. It makes tasks flow easier. If you start out with an attitude that a problem can be solved, you are much more likely to solve it, than if you decide it is hopeless and why try.

So what can a positive attitude get you? Positive opportunities which come from your social network, superior health, great success when challenged, and it can make you fun to be around so that more people want to be with you.


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