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The Way to Love Your Life

Now-a-days we have a great many people suffering from depression. How can we help?

Life. Something that a lot of people take for granted, and only a few really appreciate. Why? How? How can someone go about their daily routine and not see what a gift has been given too them? The answer is quite simple. As humans, we live in a world full of resources. Health care, dental, government assistance, and many other programs and processes dedicated to the preservation of human life. Hospitals, housing shelters, food banks, doctors offices, all of these things are here to help prolong the lives of the public.

Now, with more and more ways of saving and prolonging life, society has gradually become less and less aware of the fact of how special our lives are. Every breath we take, every step we take, every laugh we experience, and yes, even every tear we cry. These are all privileges of the up most level, they are gifts that go beyond that sweater you got for christmas last year. They are LIFE.  And LIFE, my friends, is a gift that can, should, and needs to be treasured. 

Now, some people die, that’s true. Some people get sick, some people get depressed, some people.. Some commit suicide. All because of the false notation that their lives are worthless, or that they themselves are worthless. Now, if you’re reading this article because you feel the same way, that you are worthless of you don’t deserve to live, think real hard, REAL hard, and know that that idea is false. I believe that anyone born into a life deserves the chance to turn that life into something great. Deserves the right to turn that life into what ever they want it to be. You want to be a doctor? Go right ahead. You want to be a lawyer? A banker? A drug dealer? You want to travel around the world with nothing but a backpack? You want to be a wanderer? You want to go to outer space?.. Do it. Anything and everything you WANT to do, do it. There’s nothing stopping you.

Too many people go living without ACTUALLY living. We see people as happy as they’ve ever been and want to be happy too. And we think that it’s the money they have, or the cars that they drive, or the food they eat, or the spouse that they have. It’s none of these things. Those people have taken the breath of life, and appreciate it for the gift it really is.

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