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Vegetarian Diet Cuts The Risk of Death?

Vegetarian diet cuts the risk of death?

A recent study shows that people who eat less meat, and eat more fruits and vegetables are known to have a lower risk of death compared with those who eat meat.

“I think it adds to the evidence that a vegetarian diet has benefits in preventing chronic disease and can make a person a long life,”

It is known based on research on 73 308 people from U.S. and Canadian Seventh-day Adventists between 2002 and 2007. Participants were asked about their eating habits, then divided into several categories.

Approximately eight percent of the people are vegetarians who do not consume animal products, while 29 percent do not eat animal flesh, but eat dairy products and eggs. About 15 percent sometimes still eat meat, including fish. Researchers then use national data to see how many participants who died until December 31, 2009.

The result, they found about seven people die per 1,000 meat eaters. This figure is higher than five or six deaths per 1,000 vegetarian every year. It seems people get benefits with diets that contain lots of vegetables and fruits.

Even so, Orlich explains that the reduction in the risk of death can also be caused by other things besides diet of vegetables, such as healthy habits, not smoking, and exercising regularly.

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