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Why Vegetarian Food is Better for You?

Vegetarian food is a ideal food. So many doctors are putting emphasis to take vegetarian foods. Here I discuss why vegetarian food is better for you.

Many people have raised question what meat they are eating ,  is it fresh or com from healthy animal? The suppliers or supermarket who are selling meat,  is it free from contagious or infectious? In Some cases, the butcher wants to ensure their customer that they usually push antibiotic before slaughtering the animal. Their false statement could not relief the customer’s  suspecting mind that their meat is free from infectious or contagious. Most of the customers take the statement of butcher in suspicious way. Many of them make doubt the quality of meat or raised question  it is hygienic or not.

The above mentioning circumstances  doctors  are putting emphasis to take vegetarian foods instead of meat.  Because vegetarian foods are hub, repellent, hygienic, free from diseases and affordable cost than meat. Human being has the similarity with the teeth of carnivorous animals. Human being is poses same characteristics of carnivorous animal. These arguments lead us to realize that human being is naturally vegetarian. Many physician tell in their research that the suffering of human being derive from his food menu. So physicians suggest to their patients to take more and more vegetable for preventing disease.

Atherosclerosis is the main reason of heart attack. Atherosclerosis disease spread over on human body due to excessive fat or cholesterol what is available in dairy milk and meat.  On the other hand, cholesterol is not visible in vegetarian foods. Vegetarian food is free from fat that doesn’t cause for coronary heart disease. But meat or protein is responsible for the heart disease. Vegetarian food consists of pectin and sterol that help to reduce the cholesterol into the blood. The people who take excessive protein that increase the risk of cancer than the vegetarian. Many researchers say that the life expectancy is longer who are eating vegetables instead of protein.

In some cases, we can’t remove the germ which is deriving from meat despite of boiling. So many diseases like Malta fever, trichinosis, frog disease and bird flu that transmitted from animal to human boy. But the disease of plant doesn’t transmit to human body. So vegetarian can eat any vegetables without hesitating.  We see that vegetarian can take their meal enthusiastically. In conclusion, I would like to say that if you want longer life or without having any disease. I would suggest you to take vegetarian foods.

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