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American Idol: Men Compete for Seminfinals

Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

Contestants wake up early, pack their luggage, and go to Hollywood to compete, where people will be cut until forty people make it to the Semifinals. But this week, the men will compete together, in a solo performance as well as in a group performance.

In Hollywood, contestants and judges arrive. All the men take turns singing solo on the stage. Micah, Peter, Devon, and another man make it. Nate, Gabe, and Gurpreet make it, as well. But Karl, Dustin, and Calvin don’t make it.

By 2:00pm, Cortez makes it, even though Nicki didn’t like his performance. Curtis, Frankie, Lasro, Trevor, Bryant, and Charles make it, as well.

By 7:00pm, Brian doesn’t make it.

The men are now placed in groups of four men. They have to choose a song together, choreograph a routine, practice performing it, and master the lyrics in one night.

Matheus, Nick Boddington, Martinez and Gabe make it. Johnny and two others with him make it, but not Kareem. Charlie and three others make it. Micah and three others make it. The next four men make it. Then, only Paul and Will make it. In the next group, Mark, Peter, Gurpreet and Chris make it, even though the judges didn’t like their performance as well as the four men forgot some of the lyrics. Jessie and the three men with him don’t make it. The next men sing Occupella. Devan, Devin and Adrian make it, but Ryan doesn’t make it.

It is now 11:00pm, and the men are getting tired. Between Burnell, Darian, Mario and another man, only two men make it. The next group, Lasro, Josh, Scott,  and Christian perform. Lasro had a hard time learning the lyrics because he has never heard of The Beach Boys. But Josh helped him learn it. I thought they all sounded OK, but only Lasro and Christian make it. After JDA, Joel, Trevor, and Lee perform, only JDA and Joel make it.

The next morning at 9:30am, the four youngest guys, David, Kayden, Kevin, and Sanni, perform together. They were all young and cute. I thought they did well. But only David and Sanni make it. Other men that didn’t make it include Griffin and Clifton.

By 7:30pm, Frankie, Papa Peachez, Adam and Charles perform. Frankie doesn’t make it.

Tune in tomorrow night, in which more cuts will be made until only twenty men remain.

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