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How to Become Handsome

Tips to look and feel wow.

Is it difficult for you to get a good looking woman? Or are you always being dumped after the first date? Nobody knows what women want actually, but as far as everyone knows people, may it be a man or a woman, always like to have a partner who has good personal hygiene and personality. Here are some tips on how to transform yourself from a disgusting frog to a ravishing hot prince.

Shower, shower, shower!

It all starts right here boys before completing your look. Nothing beats a guy that is squeaky clean and smells fresh. I had dated two guys before who have different ways to make themselves “clean”. Both guys were proud to tell me that they shower everyday. Well, yes, they do shower everyday, the other one was taking a shower using shampoo to wash his hair and his whole body and the other one well, um, with just pure water and then off he goes to work. Talk about bacteria on skin and why was soap invented anyway? Shampoos are made for our hair and soaps are made to wash off dirt and bacteria on our skin. Both have different ingredients specially made for use on our body.

To shower without these will just result on development of body odor which is of course a big turn off for some women. So guys cleanse yourselves properly and don’t rush. Take time to wash and scrub that gorgeous body from top to bottom and even its hidden places. It’s a way to pamper oneself and as the saying goes “A way to see ones personality is through a person’s hygiene” who would not agree on that? Don’t forget to put on some deodorant after that shower fresh scent.

Fix That Hair

Whether you have short or long hair, on your head or face, learn to groom it to bring out that beautiful face and not to make yourselves look dirty and ugly. Some guys look good with a mustache, a goatee, or a beard but only if it’s properly trimmed. You might want to consider going to your favorite barber shop and let them do the trick if you’re a beginner on this. Also, before having a hair cut, ask a barber or a stylist’s advice on which cut compliments your face most. You don’t want that round face to look more round or a square face that looks more edgy because of a wrong haircut. If you have no idea on what kind of cut you want for your hair, try taking a photo of a celebrity with a good haircut and ask your barber if he can copy that hair for you. You’ll never know maybe there’s a hidden Brad Pitt in those looks. Finish off with some gel, mousse, or wax to create that sleek look. For medium to long hair, always brush or comb your locks to avoid tangles and smoothen things out. How would you know if you’ve got the perfect cut? When people gets envied of your hair because it’s well groomed than theirs.

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