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Is a Hairy Chest a Sign of Manliness?

Is chest hair a sign of masculinity or did that issue die a death?

There was a time when sporting a hairy chest was a sign of masculinity and the clothing styles of the day tended to perpetuate this idea among young men who were just leaving childhood and moving into manhood. Who doesn’t remember the days of “medallion man”, the flashy git who walked around with shirt open almost to the navel and with a medallion cushioned on his hairy chest.

Thankfully, these days are gone. A hairy chest never was a true sign of manliness but was a view held by people who had the misguided notion that it made them more attractive to women. It has always been the case that some women prefer a hairy-chested man while others favor the smooth effect. Whether a man has body hair or not is no reflection on his masculinity whatsoever.


Now that many male celebrities are favoring the smooth look, some even shaving their chest hair to achieve this, many young men are following suit, recognizing this as the current style. If David Beckham sports a hairless chest, you van be sure thousands of young men will do the same, even if it does mean tkaing out the razor. How things change.

Medallion man is now seen as a character worthy of derision and is definitely not the role model for the modern young man. The misguided view that a hairy chest is a sign of masculinity is laughable today. Manliness is all about qualities, not looks as can be seen from some of the hairy men walking around who lack intelligence. A real man is confident in his masculinity and doesn’t need excess body hair to prove anything.

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  1. Mr Hirsute

    On February 10, 2009 at 1:48 am

    Advice to author:
    1: Read up on the findings that show hairy men are more intelligent on average
    2: Consider whether intelligence is a quality which contributes to manliness
    3: Don’t ever buy a medallion – by the sounds of it you wouldn’t be able to pull it off

  2. Hani

    On May 25, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Honestly,I don’t believe that the writer of this article mentioned above had any true knowledge about the significance of a hairy chest on a man.A hairy chest on a man and without a doubt means higher testesterone,a stronger sex hormone and better health in most cases.It’s a blessing from ALLAH who is God,and I truly believe that people who don’t appreciate this blessing also don’t really appreciate other important blessings.I’m totally convinced about that and I’m sure the opponents of the man’s hairy chest know that deep within themselves.So with less hairy chested men you should expect less men.I read some where that 25 percent of american men over 30 years old suffer from low testesterone,which in science means a shorter expected life expectancy.So for those who don’t appreciate the blessings from ALLAH the true and only one God,I think they shouldn’t be surprised that it shows in people is medical conditions not just psychologhy and don’t think it would show up immediately either.this is only a sign.

  3. Chrid

    On November 13, 2010 at 1:00 am

    Yeah great idea. Lets bring religion into this because your holy book has all the answers.

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