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Just S Phase

A phase young girls go through that police in some cities in Alabama are letting grown men getting mild punish because they say it is the girls fault.

Young girls often goes through a phase of having a crush on older men. When it becomes a problem is that society has some dangerous people these days. I am not just saying it is just men. It is also women to. I have seen grown men get by with touching young girls. The police says it is the young girls fault to. This is an outrage! I am  not talking a 18 year old girl. I know that the age of consent in Alabama is not 12! Please like this and let these men and police know this is not OK and these men should be punished! I can’t believe the world has changed so much. In this city I know in Alabama I have seen people go to jail for three years over a pill and a child molester go to jail for one day ; then get probation. The investigator telling us it was she consented and we know this isn’t fair. Truth is this little girl is poor and so is our family. It all bulls down to no money, no concern. Please like this article if you believe this is wrong.If anyone has any suggestions on what we can do, comment your suggestions. I know this is immoral and insane, let me know if you agree. Should these crimes be a lesser evil. I am a concerned mother ; wondering what I can do to change this situation. There is no justice when your family is poor and live in a bad neighborhood.

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