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Man and Women, Because of Their Inherent Physical Differences, are Not Equally Suited for Many Tasks

People are trying to fight gender discrimination but still due to inherent physical differences, it exist.


 Man and women created on this earth do many tasks but their tasks cannot reach extremities because of their inherent physical differences, i.e. that some tasks which are done by man cannot be done, or done only with difficulty by women and vice versa. Though they are physically different, there are some minor exceptions where women are able to do man’s task which usually cannot be done by them.

The first impression any person gets when he hears the word ‘man’ is his robustness and strength. Men are able to do much physical work than women in areas like mechanics. Mechanics requires mental alertness and equally much physical work and obviously man is the only person capable of doing these jobs. During the engineering college counseling in India, we find more boys getting enrolled in mechanical and civil engineering departments than women, this proves clearly my interpretation.

In sports, man is known to be more charged with energy than women .i.e. they have more stamina than women. In tennis we see women players are given three sets and men are given five sets. But women are breaking these barriers; a good example is Malleshwari, the only Indian to get an Olympic medal for India. Nowadays women are trying to break these barriers in other sports like tennis, hockey etc…The best example is Sania Mirza of India who is excelling in Tennis like men.

Women are good in intelligence and quick thinking that men and hence are suitable for tasks which require less physical work like software development, electronics, chess etc like men. Women are usually selected in industries and management sectors for tasks which require negotiations because of their beautiful voice and complexions and hence they get the job done easily according to the desires of their boss. These tasks are usually not easily accomplished by men.

Even though many tasks done by men cannot be done by women and some task which are did by women cannot be done by men, there is something called will-power which can make a person irrelevant of sex to perform tasks which an ordinary person feels very difficult or impossible to do.

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