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The Single Dad: The Forgotten Man

In today’s society it is common practice to see a picture of a mother and her children with no male representative present.

We hear about it every day the struggles single mothers go through on a day to day basis.  It is the same old story decades on top of decades single parent households consisting of the mother, being mother and father in the home. Most of us have been raised in the single parent household and have experienced the struggles that our mothers had to go through for being put in such a position.

            Women are commended for being super women; work an eight hour job, pick the kids up from school, cook dinner, help with the homework and settle everyone into bed without the assistance of a man. We cheer for the women that overcome the stereotypes of single motherhood; living on welfare or having multiple baby daddies, but have went back to school, receive degrees, started their own businesses and sent children off to college.

            I am a single mom and understand the everyday struggles we face as a woman in this role. I have heard and shared in the stories of the deadbeat dad that owes back child support or the dad that feels  paying his forced child support ; is enough  of a contribution to the child he helped bring into this world  and spending time is too much to ask. Trust me when I say; “I understand the single mom syndrome”.

            There is however; a twist to this whole single parent living, what about the single dads? Yes, there are several single dads that have stepped up to the plate or have been forced into the single parent situation through circumstances beyond their control. As odd as this may sound, there are single dads raising their kids and go through the same difficulties and struggles as the single mom. Do we see pictures of the single dad, TV shows or frequent articles written on the single dad? Any stories written how he was left to raise three kids on his own?  Do we commend the dad that goes to work, picks the kids up from school, helps with the homework and settles everyone to bed? Or cheer for the dad that has only one baby mamma and is doing his part as a single dad? We do none of these things because it is not an every reoccurrence we hear of this situation. We do not turn on our televisions sets and see a KFC commercial with a dad and his children having dinner without a mom.

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  1. Sean Moyle

    On March 8, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    First of all I would like to thank you for this article for 2 reason; first one is I aam a college student who decided to write my essay in english On single fathers in society versus the single mother in society and it follows within the same lines of what you wrote here. Now I would mostly like to thank you for writting this article because I am a single father of 2 of the most beautiful little girls in this entire world, and all I can alway see is how the courts almost always favors the mothers its almost as if they look down on single fathers as if we are incapable of raising our children. I have a few other fACTORS TO GO WITH IT But i have writte enough now back to my essay presentation. u want to reach me you can email me at moyle_sean@

  2. Lance Winton

    On April 13, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    Wow, My name is Lance and I am writing a research paper for my college English class, does this sound ,soimilar to the previous comment by Sean Moyle? I am so glad to know that I am not just being a jerk or irrational. My paper I\’m writing is titled, \”What about the single dads?\”. In my English class, we read a half doazen different essays that were supposed to be on how the defintion of the word \”family\” has changed over time. Without elaborating, I will just say that by the end of the chapter I was not just mearly annoyed, I was frigin pissed off. The whole chapter portrayed women as being the stable, responcible ones and the men as basically the as@#%les, who up and left these women for no reason. They also had an entire essay devoted to discussing gay fathers and the immorallity of it. I dont dissagree, but they the bastards never mentioned a word about the all the frigin bull dyke couples with kids these days, which I would think, outnumbers the men. All I can say is that I am a single dad and am sick of people telling me that Im so lucky I got custody, and I\’m sick of reading about all of the poor struggeling single mothers out there that have been wronged by a man. Check it out, my ex didn\’t even show up for court, and we havent heard from her in almost a year. Not even on my daughters birthday or christmas. Has anyone ever heard of the term \”dead beat mom\” cause I sure as hell have, and maybe more people out there should stop living in ignorance and open their eyes.

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