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Type a Man Who Not Worthy to Married

Type A Man Who not Worthy To Married.

What man would not want to be great by women? Definitely no. The men are always trying to show women that they are a great figure, strong, and deserve to ‘catch.’ Men like this are much yearning. However, many women who sometimes forget that not all men with the label ‘greatness’ is a fitting companion for her life. Therefore, carefully identify the characteristics and personality of the prospective husband before you decide to make your life companion. Consider some of the characteristics of men who are not supposed to make you live forever companion.

Prestige to apologize

The quarrel was the one thing that is very common in the world of weddings. We recommend that you avoid the kind of guy like this. When an altercation occurs and prove that your husband is wrong, it would be difficult for them to say the word sorry. Of course as a woman you will feel annoyed when faced with this kind of man. Men of this type will easily make your heart become calm.


You should be wary if you have a husband or a deceitful nature of your rigging. If he only did it once, it can still be tolerated. But what if something like that has become a hobby? You should start heartened and recognize that most people would not put a sense of trust in the partner that has properties like this.


Having a husband who is a proud achievement for a wife. Having a husband who has always worked hard to support a family is second to none. However, what happens if your husband is too ambitious in work to forget the family? Gradually you will feel the loss figure in the real day-to-day life.


All women who get married have a tendency to be impatient. The meaning of impatience here is the attitude not wait to get married, share the burden of living with her husband, set up home and his needs, and so forth. However, if your husband contributed in helping to realize a peaceful household and happy? For example, if your husband is willing to help with cooking, cleaning the home environment, or even willing to address the issues brought up children is a few things that can indicate whether or not the prospective indications lazy husband.


Privacy does need to be owned by everyone. However, there are times when some things should be shared with the couple that owned the burden was light. Type the husband is usually reluctant to share problems they had with the couple. While openness is an important thing to be owned by a family because that’s the essence of living together.

Be careful if your future husband have one or more of the criteria listed above. If he wants to try to change it, you can consider continuing your relationship. However, if he remains adamant that there was nothing wrong with his attitude, maybe you can reconsider your plans.

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