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What Makes Her Tick? The Woman

Do you really know what makes a woman happy and willing to love you forever?

Well men do you think you know what makes her tick? Do you really want to know how to make her feel loved and wanted/ Do you think you have all the answers? You may think you do but are you correct in your thoughts about women and their emotions?

Women are complicated and are very strong in many ways. Remember we have the babies—we give birth to the babies—not men. So men watch out! Women are emotional but are intelligent. We are not just bare foot and pregnant anymore, and we take on responsibility, and are courageous in the working world.

What we do want though…is love. WE want old fashioned trusting love. We want to be able to depend on our man for love and protection. We don’t want to be cheated on and lied to. We want to be treated like we are queens, and told we are beautiful each and every day. We are women because we are the feminine part of the world. We bring lace and satin to the surface to be lined with promises of diamonds and a gold lining to it all. We want someone to care about how we feel and I mean really care about how we feel. This is what makes us tick.

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