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Why Do Women Cry More Often Than Men?

Men cry too, of course. But more often than not, women seem to be more prone to crying than men. Why is this so?

Women will definitely disagree if someone says that they cry because they are weaker than men. Not because women are the weaker sex, as we commonly opposed. Blame it on biology!! Before they hit puberty, girls and boys cry about the same amount but by age 18 women cry more often. A doctor once said and pointed out that after puberty, a woman’s blood vessels pf proplactin (which triggers breast development and lactation and is also found in tears) are 60% higher than men’s.

Cultural conditioning may be another major cause. Boys learn early on to deaden their awareness to two types of emotion. According to a psychologist, men shut off both vulnerable feelings — such as hurt, disappointment, sadness and fear–and tender ones, such as compassion, warmth and affection. Which leaves them what? Anger and lust. As a result, when painful emotions arise, many men explode in rage. Others run from these feelings or just suppress them.

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