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Advantages of a Military Draft

Though most countries have a completely voluntary military force, there are countries which impose a military draft. This article discusses the benefits of a military draft in any country.

A military draft is when each citizen of a country is required by law to serve in the country’s armed forces for a minimum period. A military draft makes all citizens, irrespective of religion, creed, gender or any other classification, eligible for enrollment into the armed forces.

A military draft, which is also known as conscription, is imposed in countries where the population is too small for voluntary recruitment. Countries such as Israel, Turkey etc. may impose a military draft as their populations are very small and adequate protection may not be guaranteed by a voluntary draft.

The time period for which a person would be compulsorily enrolled in the armed forces varies from country to country. But the period is generally 2 years in most countries. Fresh recruits are put through boot camp and they are trained in weapon as well as hand-to-hand combat. Sometimes, conscripts serve in the active line of duty like Israel, where new soldiers are sent directly into the battlefield in order to protect the country from aggression.

The military draft has many advantages. They include :-

1. Soldiers earn a sense of respect and honor when they are in the armed forces. This respect is automatic and influences the culture deeply.

2. The country is adequately protected because of the easy availability of troops. The troops are trained to face any aggression and that is a great advantage to the defenses of a nation.

3. Soldiers can use their training in their lives. Weapons training, self defense and all other skills taught to them during their training can be used to enhance their lives.

4. The general public will not be insensitive to the needs of their armed forces and respect them deeply. They will understand the hardships of a soldier only if they experience the life of a soldier.

5. The country will have a more disciplined population and they can contribute greatly to the society. They will also be efficient and accurate in their work and will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

6. The people will be much more fit and healthy and will be able to endure pain and hardships and do physically challenging tasks without any fear.

This way we can see how advantageous a military draft can be to any country.

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