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Cheating Military Wives

Why Military Wives Cheat.

Military wives cheat, alot.  Over half of the marriages end in divorce in the military.  Why is that?  I’ll tell u a lot of excuses that I’ve heard over the years.  They say they’re lonely, that’s the biggest excuse, or they just wanted to get money from several soldiers, or they’re manipulative, or just like being loved by everyone.

When the military husband deploys, the wife never waits to hear that her husband will never come home, or she just hopes he’ll never find out anything is going on.  Let me tell you something, we as military men are not always gullible enough to believe you.  There are signs, phone records, hotel and dinner receipts that you lose and we find.  We’re not stupid, so stop treating us like we are.

Most of us wouldn’t dream of cheating on our wives if they were deployed, we would be worried, we’d wait for the phone call or the ringing of the doorbell.  We would not do anything unless it was proven you were never coming home, and some of us wouldn’t be able to move on for sometime after your put to rest.  Treat us with the same respect, don’t treat us like we’re deplorable, or reprehensible, or lower than dirt.  We served our country, YOUR country, show us the respect we deserve.

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