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Guns: Know About Different Types of Guns

Different type of guns.

In United States from the year 1986, different laws and restrictions have been passed to restrict the usage of guns for society members such as users of controlled substances, mentally unstable people, people indulged in domestic violence etc. but for rest of the members guns are still available.

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Handguns are the common available weapons for the purpose of self defense and their small size and weight fits them to be used or carried along.

Double action revolvers are another most commonly used guns for self defense.

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Shoulder guns category includes rifles and has long barrels and capability to shoot at long range with more accuracy.

Rifles used in Military include automatic as well as manual guns but have different type of ammunition used.

Single action revolvers are still popular due to its ease to shoot the target and even used for people learning to shoot.

Hunters still use Remington shotgun and it has no butt stock and has 10 barrels.

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    On February 10, 2011 at 6:31 am

    This reminds me of those days when I used to play a lot with toy guns and diwali fire-cracker guns. I have no intentions as of now to play with the real ones, I would better be safe and promote peace and love rather than violence and destruction. Thanks for the share, I like them too!

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    Really LOVE guns and it might sound weird coming from a female like me, but since i play a LOT of videogames, and have an AK47 for myself, though i havent yet used it and perhaps i’ll probley never will. So then i consider myself a Gun Freak x) Know all types of guns. ahahah. Anyways, these are nice descriptions.

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