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Historic Landing a “Drone” of The USA on an Aircraft Carrier

For the first time a prototype automatically landfall without being controlled remotely by a human.

At 1.40 in the afternoon of Wednesday, the U.S. Navy entered the history of aviation to get a drone autonomously landed on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the sea. It is the first time a drone, controlled only by mathematical algorithms without being directed remotely by a human, takes land on deck of a ship.

“We did not have anyone driving the device from afar. We use automatic patterns and algorithms, “said Rear Adm. Mat Winter after landing. Winter is the director of a proposed 1,400 million that has developed over the past eight years and has culminated Tuesday with the landing on the aircraft carrier George HW Bush, off the coast of Virginia, the X-47B, after taking off from air-naval base Patuxent in Maryland and around for almost 170 kilometers escorted by two F-18 Navy.

What has made ​​this operation a milestone for aviation is the fact that the drone used, the X-47B, is a device that, unlike other drones used by the CIA, as the Predator or Reaper models , which are controlled remotely by humans, this aircraft has landed fully automatically. Another complication that have elevated the importance of the event is the difficulty of landing on a compact platform as limited as the basis of an aircraft carrier. “What you just saw is the next generation of naval aviation and the extraordinary possibilities that we can offer,” he told the press present on the aircraft carrier the Navy secretary, Ray Mabus.

The X-47B is called to be not only the drone will open a new era in automated crew, but the device that will transform naval aviation, aircraft carriers bases becoming more versatile and potentially more lethal. After landing on Wednesday, it was found that the drones in the future will be much more automated-operate almost like robots and do not depend solely on management to perform a person thousands of miles away from where the aircraft is flying . However, Winter has championed the importance of the human factor. “Human beings are still a key factor in this dynamic,” he acknowledged.

Landing on Wednesday, however, is only an experimental test more. The X-47B is just a prototype, like a replica, manufactured by Northrup Grumman, which will soon be removed and can be admired in a museum aircraft. However, the Navy hopes that the next generation of drones, manned by beings at all fumes, to be operational in 2019. “It is not always possible to have the opportunity to see the future, but that’s what we saw today,” Mabus stressed. Every time there is less to make that future a reality.

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