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My Pleas to The Veterans

Dearest honorable Veterans and Soldiers who have come home from war, I know this world is unfair and the US has let you down and you’re wondering what can save you right now from your despair and anxiety. I understand your feelings and have an idea that will help you heal and help the children and parents heal, you went to war to protect us and were taught how to fight and protect. You come home to a world that is totally different and you don’t understand how defenseless you are against the evils that lurk within our country both civilly and governmentally. It touched my heart to hear the stories these Veterans are telling us about their disparity and what can they do to help them through such difficult times as these.

I prayed this morning for God to show me the way to help our fellow men and women in their times of trouble and God answered. This morning in the news a fellow soldier standing watch at his daughter’s school and a light bulb went off in my little brain and thought if other Veterans and Fellow soldiers would show up to every school and stand outside the school while it is in session. This is not a onetime deal, this is a continual stand, when I see children, the children of our future at risk I think maybe there is something we can do.  Stand united in protecting our children.  There is evil everywhere and we need to keep it from our children. 

The government is now trying to take away our 2nd Amendment by taking away our guns and not looking at ways to protect our children the right way.  I pray that you will soften your heart and start seeing the true reason we are here, we are here to protect and preserve our rights and our future.  Our future is our children and what we teach them and show them, protect them and love them so they can improve our homes and families. 

I dare any Veteran that is having a hard time right now and have thoughts of despair, go to your local school and stand on the curb, sidewalk or where ever they allow you, and protect those children inside, at the end of the day, look at their faces and see the smiles that are on those children’s’ faces, and know that tomorrow they will be smiling again because of you watching guard over our children. 

I know you can’t do it every day so go to your local VFW or DAV and find those Veterans just like you and set up a schedule so every day and every hour has a Veteran standing guard for our children.  I respect and honor you and your families, you have given so much and I want to give something in return….. My Love, Honor, Respect and Gratitude for your service and remember there is help. Keep YELLING someone will HEAR.  I hope that from my listening to you I have a chance to give back to you a purpose of life and to let you know that God does Love you and feels your pain too.

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