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Our Brave Soldiers

Just some thoughts to remind us of the brave people who are fighting for our freedom, may God protect them and bring them home safely, let us say a small prayer for them.

I just want us to all take a moment and remember those who are fighting this war.  We have brave soldiers who are risking their lives everyday for us.  We as a nation need to stand strong for those brave soldiers, and remember them in prayer every chance we get.  Never take for granted the freedom that you now posses for this country may not always be free.  Take a good look around you at the things beginning to happen in this cruel world.  We have lost many to war, and it was their choice to go and fight for us.  Who are we that they should risk everything?  We are no one, but they still care enough to put their life on the line for us.  I saw military personnel a lot at my previous job, and I said thanks for the service they are providing.  They are very deserving of our gratitude and appreciation.  Next time you see military personnel tell them how much you appreciate them, say thanks, or hello.  Or maybe even say God bless, or may the Lord keep you safe.  Let them know that we as a nation still care for them and that we are keeping them close in our prayers.  Sometimes they are under a lot of stress and hardships for the things they have seen and gone through.  And maybe you telling them something kind to remind them that we still care and that they are not fighting in vain will make their day a little better. You have no idea what they are going through and have gone through.  Don’t be hateful or harsh minded.  And if you are having a bad day yourself, let it go for a moment of gratitude.  People have different views on this war and all wars.  Some think it foolish, while others think it to be great.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what can be said is this……the brave men and women of this great country that have stood up and taken on these great burdens need to be remembered and lifted up in prayer.  They are out there learning how to fight for us, and again who are we?  No one, but to them we are the people they love and a great nation worth fighting for.  Let us take a moment and read the small prayer below.  Pass this prayer on and let’s become a praying nation that is looking out for our troops!

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