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Photos Secret Area 51 Military Base

Reputation Area 51, the United States military base in the Nevada equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle: the most mysterious places in the world.

Dish similar plane crash that occurred in Roswell led to speculation about UFOs.Later revealed that the aircraft was a Russian spy plane.

Conspiracy theories concerning Area 51 berkambang wild. There was a call that location is where the assembly back UFOs that fell to Earth, where the testing of secret U.S. weapons, including weapons control the weather, as well as a time machine research. In fact, there is a suspect area 51 is the headquarters of a secret organization, Majestic 12 – who aspires to establish a single government in the world. 

Groom Lake in 1917 is a small lake in the Nevada desert. Now place it into the most secret military base known as Area 51.

As loaded FoxNews, in his book entitled “AREA 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base” or “AREA 51: The Secret History of American Military Base”, an investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Annie Jacobsen, revealing the history of Area 51. 

Based on the interviews he did on a number of scientists, pilots, and engineers – a total of 74 people – revealed what actually happened in the desert of Nevada – from testing a nuclear reaction to the manufacture of supersonic jets of super-secret to fighting terror. 

Stallin UFO Research Team of Experts. Sergei Korolev, chief designer andcreator of Sputnik missile (left), Igor Kurchatov, the father of the Russian atomicbomb, and Mstislav Keldysh, mathematician (right).

Jacobsen interviewed the employees of Area 51 in 2008 to 2009, after the CIA opened document their work, including deleted and info memo was classified secret infinite. However, Area 51 is still officially classified as military secrets, which can not be named – so says Jacobsen. 

A group of scientists ’Operation Paperclip’ at Fort Bliss, Texas, was formerlyworked for Adolf Hitler, but after the war ended they were working for the U.S. military.

Jacobsen revealed that tests spy plane U-2 made in Area 51 has triggered speculation about the existence of UFOs in the area. 

The aircraft carrier brings one part of the spy plane’s first CIA U-2.

Beginning on June 24, 1947 saay pilot named Kenneth Arnold saw nine flying discs admitted that shot in the sky Washington. Two weeks later, in a plane crash in Roswell, New Mexico – the so-called flying saucers fall – occur. 

Then what happened next was euphoria. Late last month, 850 reported UFO sightings in the media. Anxiety increases, the American public demanded answers from the military.

These workers entered the tunnel atomic bomb underground in Area 12, Nevada.

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