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Russian Fifth-generation Fighter Puts an End to The American F22 and F35

Russian fifth-generation fighter puts an end to the American F22 and F35.

Russian fifth-generation fighter puts an end to the American F22 and F35

Until January 2010 only the U.S. had the fifth-generation fighter. Press with the support of U.S. military announced that the most perfect airplane today, standing on the arms, provides Americans of the air in the case of full-scale military conflict. But the test of Russia fighter T50 and confirmed, although secret, his tactical and technical data, is concerned about both the military and U.S. producers.
Expensive fifth generation
F-22 Raptor – not only the most accomplished fighter, like say the U.S. military, which today stands on the arms, but also the most expensive in world aviation history. The cost of an aircraft reaches $ 140 million Realizing that such planes to arm an army, to fly them to fight and lose – this is huge funds, Americans have developed a less expensive program – F-35 Lightning II. How would cheaper version of Raptor.
Production company Raptor – Lockheed Martin has high hopes for modification of the F-35 as a fighter for export, which is scheduled to deliver a U.S. ally. The cost of the aircraft although lower than the cost of the F-22, but still quite high and, according to various estimates, up to $ 110 million Reduction in there, but only a quarter of the price of Raptor.
Work on the F-22 are threatened with the termination of funding, so the Air Force, Marine Corps and the Navy promised a lot of F-35. Total, taking into account exports until 2027 is planned to build up to 4500 F-35 of various modifications.
Scandals and failures of the F-35
Since the beginning of development, the F-22 fighter was not considered for sale in other countries. Even close allies in the supply of this equipment the Americans refused, fearing a possible leakage of technology to third countries.
According to expert estimates, F-35 is able to successfully solve tactical problems only in terms of air supremacy, which provide more powerful F-22. Nonetheless, Lockheed Martin offers to its foreign clients aircraft F-35 as a full-fledged modern fifth-generation fighter. But whether the F-35 aircraft of the fifth generation? It wants to show it to traders from the United States …
 In August 2008, at the U.S. air base Hikem on the Hawaiian Islands have been conducted by researchers at Pacific Vision-2008, to which were invited representatives of the defense ministers of countries – potential buyers of the F-35. During the exercise was established inability of the American F-35 (fifth-generation fighter) to resist a dogfight Su-35 (Russian fighter fourth generation), despite the formal difference in the generations of fighters. It was also called into question the ability of large F-35 to counter Russia’s air defense systems.
 Representatives of the Australian defense department issued a sufficiently irritated detailed report on the results of the exercises, pointing out that the F-35 is similar to the F-22 only at the price and that the projects are as different from each other, like a cheap sedan with a 1,500 cc engine. cm from the sports car with a 5 liter engine ..
Led the program F-35 Maj. Gen. Charles Davis, categorically denies any critical information to the F-35, but it became clear that Americans pay for deliberately losing a plane and pay huge money allies of Americans do not want.
Russia fighter T-50 program will kill the F-35
 Western experts, analyzing the first flights of the Russian fifth generation fighter take the project T-50 very seriously. And they have something to think about.
Analyzing the available images of T-50, aviation experts point out it better maneuverability than the F-22, which achieved the best high lift rudders and tselnopovorotnymi direction and altitude.
They said as much low profile, compared with the F-22 and F-35, due to a lower profile, the correct geometry of planes from the standpoint of radio wave reflection, as well as the ability to carry a gun on the inside of the suspension.
With data on the new engine production NPO “Saturn”, developed for fifth-generation fighter and in clinical trials, analysts expect fairly high thrust-weight ratio Russia fighter. Analysis of the shape and size of landing gear bearing surfaces talking about the original design for the possible use of the deck.
 Western analysts say more than 50-year-Soviet Russia’s independent and successful practices to create fighter jets and a separate note the high school engine.
At risk is not only the advantage of the U.S. Air Force in the air, but the U.S. leadership in the promising market of aviation equipment. While the F-22 is not for sale because of fears of leakage of technology, Russia’s T-50 was originally declared as an export complex. Even the closest allies such as Australia, demonstrate dissatisfaction with the policy the Americans in the market of modern weapons.
Several test flights of Russia T-50 not only dealt a blow to the program F-35, calling into question the usefulness of further work on this plane. It is clear that the rate as in arming its own air force, and the sale of overseas Americans have to make the expensive F-22. But if you permit the export of sensitive technologies – a political issue, and decided if you want fast, then finance further production of “golden» F-22 will be increasingly difficult. And will any of the buyers at a well very expensive toy? ..

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