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Singapore Aims 100 Unit F-35

Singapore Aims 100 Unit F-35.

Washington, Wednesday – The Pentagon said this week, Singapore’s interested in buying up to 100 F-35 fighter production of Lockheed Martin Corp., USA. Sophisticated aircraft that can be used for air combat (dogfight) and attack to the surface is able to evade radar opponents.

Head of Development Program Pentagon Maj. Gen. Charles Davis, Monday (7 / 7), confirmed, Singapore will buy F-35 Lightning II in the coming decades. Besides Singapore, Israel also had plans to buy fighter aircraft while advanced dual capability (joint strike fighter) this.

“Singapore has said that interest in the aircraft (F-35) this,” Davis said in an interview.Israel is also reportedly interested in buying up to 100 units of F-35. No comment yet from the Singapore and Israel with regard to Maj. Gen. Davis was saying.

So far eight countries, namely Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Norway, and Denmark, along with the U.S. been willing to finance the construction of the F-35 fighter aircraft this. The eight countries at the same time also make sure to buy about 730 F-35 units.

The U.S. alone intends to buy a 2443 F-35 aircraft, including 1763 units designated for AU and 680 units for the Navy and Marines. F-35 procurement projects for the U.S. military this included quite expensive, reaching 299 billion U.S. dollars or about Rp 2750 trillion.

Substitute F-16 and F-18

Hundreds of units of F-35 maiden flight on December 15, 2006 is also going to other countries ordered. Single-engine jet fighter was going to replace some obsolete fighter aircraft like the F-16 Lockheed F-18 and Boeing Co. outputs.

Maj. Davis estimates that Japan will formally ask for prices and information about the F-35 at the end of this year. This is part of the selection process next purchase of military aircraft.

Spain is also considering the purchase of F-35 aircraft to replace the Harrier can take off vertically or on short runway. F-35 made in three versions, the F-35A conventional takeoff, the F-35B that flew from a short runway or take off vertically, as well as the F-35C that are specially made for the U.S. Navy and based on the carrier.

Tom Jurkowsky, a spokesman for Lockheed Martin, said the F-35 program notes outstanding technical progress, especially in the context of making the most complex aircraft ever. This allows the age to fly the F-35 is long enough.

Although the F-35, including sophisticated, a number of combat aircraft remains his main rival. Output SAAB JAS 39 Gripen, Sweden, Dassault Rafale output, France, MiG-35 and Sukhoi Su-35 Russian output, as well as the European fighter aircraft, Typhoon, a consortium of companies which made the British, German, Italian, and Spanish, is a strong rival.

The ability of F-35 has so far lost only from the F-22 Raptor is produced in association with Lockheed Martin and Boeing Co..

Price per unit of Rp 598 billion

Maj. Davis admitted, yet the decision of Congress to immediately allow the production of the F-35 partner countries to make the sale of these aircraft will face obstacles.

The F-35 is ready to operate until the year 2040 is now only 12 units per year. This aircraft is expected to be produced so 12 units per month in 2014 after the production line is ready.

Sophisticated with the ability to evade radar opponent makes the F-35 sale price per unit exceeds 68 million U.S. dollars or about Rp 598 billion.

As for the type F-35B can take off and land vertically or on a short runway and is designed for Marines sold for 85 million to 88 million U.S. dollars.

Type F-35C for the U.S. Navy and carrier based in prices reached 90 million-92 million U.S. dollars. Type the new F-35C will fly premiere in October 2009. (Reuters / AFP / * / ppg)

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