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Soldier Diaries: Chapter One – Operation Backfire

The chapter one of the short novel, Soldier Diaries.

 15 miles southwest of Baltimore, a group of soldiers in the Banshee Squadron are being deployed to infiltrate the NSA Headquarters in Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. Their objective is to recover intel from the employees that hacked into the KPR database and to help the hostages that are in the Panic Room. The building is currently seized by KPR Troops.

“Look at those buildings,” said Cpl. Washington with a trembling voice as he pointed to the buildings, “I think America is goin’ to near it’s end. I mean, the city looks devastated, there is probably not a single soul on the streets.”

“The ETA will be 5 minutes fellas,” interrupted the pilot as they were talking.

“Damn, your right Washington,” said Cpt. Smith. “Hey, Walker! Get your lazy ass up and grab hold of the minigun!” ordered Smith.

“RPG! RPG!” shouted Washington as they neared the building.

“Fuck! We’re hit!” shouted the Pilot. “Hold Tight! We’re gonna keep the bird on air!”

“Shoot the KPR’s!” shouted Smith.

“I’m trying! I’m trying! Roof is clear,” Walker said quite calmly as the helicopter became stable.

“Thank god. We are going to have a rough landing fellas so hold on tight!” said the Pilot. The soldiers then jumped off the bird onto the roof as the helicopter continued it’s flight out.

“God Bless America!” the pilot shouted as he stood up and saluted to the soldiers. He was hit by a heat-seeking missile from a nearby KPR jet the next moment.

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