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Submarine in The Antarctic – The Navy of Chile

Submarine in the Antarctic – The Navy of Chile – diesel electrical Submarine.

In extraordinary maneuver in which it was tested cost professional of the crews of the Weapon of Submarines on December 13, 1979, the submarine “Simpson” of the Navy of Chile submerged in the Antarctic waters obtaining a world record for a craft of this type, merits obtained while there was giving support to the filming of a movie in this territory of agreement to the requested for the Japanese company Haruki Kadokawa Inc.

The exploit executed with professionalism and know-how of an enthusiast endowment, leads us to reminding this important seaworthy happened episode 31 years ago when the legendary unit supervised by the Captain of Frigate in this then, Carlos Toledo of the Mace, went to the Antarctic one for his participation close to the transport ” Dun Pilot ” in the famous movie named “Virus” directed by the Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku.

The exercises in the zone were happening difficult and exhausting with variable times. In these conditions on December 13 there was effected the most austral plunged one of the world in a conventional submarine. In the evening of the same day the ship sailed along Gerlache’s Strait between big floes that the navigation made more expectant. To the dusk the “Simpson” there submerged for the filming in an area of 2 miles later to make one spectacular showed, that is one of the most impressive scenes of the movie.

On December 16, at 08.00 hours the submarine displaying of his unmistakable silhouette it set sail of Cove Potter with strong swell and sailing swiftly with his flag to the ceiling, it went on majestically to the stable of the tourist nose “Lindbland Explorer” contracted specially for the occasion and touching three lengths pitazos since it is the naval tradition, he said goodbye of his passengers and of the Antarctic Chilean one.

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