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What to Send Your Soldier During Basic

Your soldier and you are going to have very limited contact and your most treasured way of communicating will be through mail. Here are a few ideas to help you make the best of it.

So your soldier just left for Basic Training. You are heartbroken, you miss them, and you just want to be able to talk to them. For many however, this can prove to be very difficult and rare. Phone calls come rarely and due to many things, he or she may lose their privaleges to call home. So how do you communicate? Through Good Ol’ Snail Mail!

Hopefully, your soldier will be able to send you the address soon so you can write back. Pay very close attention to the way it’s written and the information on there. This is no time for mistakes.

Chances are your significant other or your family member is having a very hard time and a rough introduction to the miltary so it is your job to provide support from back home and give them inspiration and encouragement.

Many places will have very strict rules so check with your soldier first. If you’re in doubt write a simple letter asking them what is allowed and not allowed. More than likely, boxes of cookies, candy or anything in that category will only get them in trouble so refrain from sending them! It may be tempting but the last thing you want if for your soldier to get smoked!

Pictures and letters filled with kind words is the best way to go. Send your favorite pictures or pictures that you know they will love. They are able to keep these and more than likely will be heavily treasured by your soldier. Although it is tempting to send naughty pictures, remember that drill sergeants can look at those letters as well as other soldiers. So keep that in mind when you want to send certain material. You never know whose hands it can land on!

Another idea can be to write out information about world events and things that interest your soldier. Some places may or may not allow magazine or newspaper pages so to stay on the safe side avoid sending them.

Another thing you can send to pass the time are crossword puzzles or word searches to keep them entertained. You can even personalize them and make them yourself.

The most important is just writing words of encouragement and words of support. It’ll be hard on you and your soldier to be apart for this long so don’t be afraid to say you miss them and love them. Try to remain as positive as possible. Remember they are going through  a hard time and they are in a big need for kind words. Tell them about the normal things in life and keep them as involved as possible in your life and don’t forget to answer any questions they may have written to you. Don’t be afraid to write to them even when you don’t hear back for a while. In some cases, their mail will be held back and they may not receive it. So imagine the joy when they realize they have 5 letters waiting for them.

If you have any other ideas that you’ve tried or want to try feel free to pass them on!

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