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Adolescent Lifestyle and Media

Do not be surprised if we were herded into a very consumptive.

All types of media, be it Internet, television, film, music, and magazines, a major impact on our lifestyles today. Most of the media informed about the lifestyle of urban youth, that in fact mimic the modern lifestyle. So, do not be surprised if we were herded into a very consumptive.

Adolescence is the search for identity. We as teens start looking for a lifestyle that fit and suit the tastes. We also began looking for an idol or a figure of identification that can be used as role models, both in searching lifestyle, speech, appearance, and others. Impact we have encountered a lot of friends with various attributes that really they are just imitating it. Still not aware that today a lot of teen soap opera that offers a new lifestyle? The young star who loved the youth was able to change the style.

In adolescence is a very strong influence of idol. Idol or figures that will control our lives without us knowing it might be. Well, here’s where the media

However, is it true that the media in such a bad influence for teenagers? Actually this is not one hundred percent. It is a challenge for us to sort out or selectively to the messages conveyed by the media. Because, do not be denied that the media presence is absolutely necessary. Because, at one side of the media allows us to know a variety of information, news, discoveries, and new things. Or it could be concluded that the actual presence of the media have a positive and negative.

The presence of the media is not free from the interests of the market. Thus, if we are not selective media messages, we will become victims of media. no one was when we buy a product based on information from the media. However, keep in mind, how should the products we buy it for ourselves. Do we really need that product, or because we are affected by the lure presented by the media.

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