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Chicago is One Big Dump


I should know. I have been living in the city of Chicago for twenty-seven years. And yes, Chicago is one big dump! The next time that I go to Chicago, I’ll carry a knife.

In Chicago, either you are a have or a have not. A have is having a good job, being hot looking and well off money wise. A have not is somebody who is on welfare who has nothing going for them.

If you were to go to Chicago, people will look you up and down and poke fun at you. People in Chicago are extremely judgemental and very superficial.

So if you are poor, fat or ugly, watch out. You will be everybody’s prey.

The amount of homeless people is a mess. Thousands of people are homeless and they are on the streets, begging for money, sleeping and giving people a hard time.

There are many gang members and gang bangers in the city of hell. They break into stores and rob the place. They beat up on little old ladies, they shoot and stab people.

Also, Chicago has many ghettos. There are lots of ghettos on the south side and the west side and the north side and the east side. Many ghetto dwellers are hungry, hostile, desperate to make ends meet and very bitter.

People in Chicago wern’t always mean. There was a time when people were friendly. But then, the snobby rich moved in and turned the sister city around.

If you were to walk into a bad area, carry a gun. There are sniper shooters everywhere.

Believe me, if you were to live in Chicago, you will be making the biggest mistake in your life.

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