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Feeling of The Homeless

A homeless person goes through a wide range of feeling such as boredom, laziness, jealous, and frustration. A homeless person wanders the street with nothing to do day and day which would become boring very fast.

As a homeless person walks along the sidewalk with all of their belongs stuffed into a backpack or a cart that they are pulling along with them.  They have a feeling of not belonging or not as good as the other people that have a house to call home.  The homeless person would give up anything if they knew they would receive a home of their own in the deal.

The homeless person goes through a wide range of feelings, and the first I would like to talk about is being jealous.  Jealous that other people have their own home when they walk the streets and live in a homeless shelter.  They understand that the other people work for the home they have, and that doesn’t stop them for wishing that they had a place to call home.     Home to a homeless person can represent freedom and a lifestyle that would love to have. 

Another feeling that is running wild through the homeless is frustration.  They are frustrated when someone steals their belongs for a lark which is usually teenagers,  people calling them names such as freak, drunks, or drug addict.  They get frustrated that the life seemed to deal them a raw deal.    People can be the rudest person there is and even adults will stop at nothing to make funny of a homeless person that seems to be down on their luck.   

I have personally witnessed a homeless person getting shoved around and getting called names that are unmentionable in these articles.   When the adults noticed that I was watching what they were doing, they yelled at me “Who is this homeless person going to tell?”    I agreed with them silently and went over to tell a police officer what they were doing.   He walked over to the group and told them to move on.   The homeless person was on the ground, and he glanced down at him as if to say “Are you ok?”

I know there is police officers with a kind heart toward the homeless because there was the example of a homeless person in New York City.  The police officer bought him a pair of boots and come to find out; the homeless guy had his own room plus other boots at this room.   The homeless person just enjoyed the fresh air and loved being out in the streets to watch what was going down.

There are homeless person that would appreciate anything that is done for them and be happy to earn some extra food for doing some chorus around the house.  There are also homeless people that don’t know how to live in a regular place because being homeless has been a way of life for them for such a long time.  That they seem to enjoy the freedom that it gives them and they probably wouldn’t give up the homeless life for anything.   Being homeless is the choice of the person and they should be respected for making that choice.  To me, it would be an easy one since I have been homeless and I love the fact that I have a place to call my own.

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