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On Behalf of The Animals

All of my longstanding friends will know that I’m a great “passive” campaigner for animal welfare and support, as far as I can, any animal charities particularly Hillside Animal Sanctuary which is based a mile or so up the road from my village and rents the water meadow at the bottom of my garden as grazing land for some of their numerous rescued horses.

This morning I received a really uplifting email from the sanctuary – they’d made more rescues and I’d like to share the good news with you lot!!

Below is a picture of Twiggy and Lily.

Twiggy (left) and Lilly

The two horses above were being advertised for FREE on the internet would you believe?  Needless to say Hillside came to the rescue and discovered that the foal had been born with a deformed leg and the owner couldn’t afford the surgery necessary to make the poor little filly “viable” to ride.  In other words, because the foal wouldn’t make them any money, they needed to get rid of it … quickly! 

Hillside were obviously keen to ensure the two had a secure future rather than end up either in the slaughterhouse or with somebody who had no idea how to care for a horse nor how costly these beautiful animals can be. 

It seems that once the horses had arrived and settled in at Hillside both Twiggy and Lily took a visit to the vet to get Lily’s deformed leg assessed.  Unfortunately the vet thought it would be too dangerous to undertake surgery on the leg but has prescribed some treatment which, although it won’t fix the leg, should allow Lily to live a long and happy life at the sanctuary with her mother. 

And below is a picture of a mare and foal that Hillside rescued from the slaughterhouse.


These horses were picked up on the “undercover investigators” radar.  They were waiting to be transported to their “life journey’s end” so Hillside paid the basic £300 meat value to save them.  They also took several other horses that were awaiting the same fate. 

I just love the second photograph, it’s a wonderful “farmyard scene” and shows that both are in clean conditions, look happy and, as it should be, they’re mingling with other farm animals – some of Hillsides many rescued chickens probably from a battery farm!! 

Long may Hillside continue to help them.  I wish I could do more to help them but unfortunately I’m not in a financial position to do so on a regular basis, but at least I know I am capable of putting a little time aside to inform my pals what fantastic work Hillside do and try to gain them a little more recognition throughout the world.

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