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Squatters Rights


The goverment has decided to revoke all squatters rights. This means all empty properties whether they have any chance of ever bieng occupied are bieng denied to squatters. This also means from a societal point of veiw the number of street homeless will sharply increase.

The cameron goverment has faced critisism for bieng all white affulent males- who are unlikely to have sympathy for the poorest of our society. These people are getting poorer and poorer whilst the rich are getting much much richer. Street homeless services have had thier budget cut time and again. The workers struggle to house these people-and they ARE people, whilst the homeless themselves are subjected to ever incresing bureaucratic callousness and humilation for daring to want to survive.

The cry of callous ignorant misinformed people is ‘get a job’ like its THAT easy. No job without address, no address without a job. The poorest of our society -whatever people think-get nothing for free. Everything has a price. They pay in quality of medical care, housing, freedom and human dignity-which IS a birthright. I would ask everyone to have some compassion for those to whom survival is an every day struggle.

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