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Upgrade Your SEO Skill to a+

SEO is not something you should major in – maybe not this time yet. But most of SEO experts today learned by themselves through blog posts, videos or online courses only.

Join them and be an A+ search engine optimizer too.

The SEO Basics

The freshman level of SEO can be built from what you can find anywhere in the internet. Begin by getting answers from these questions:

  • What is search engine optimization?
  • Why does any website need SEO?
  • Why can’t search engines find my website without the help of SEO?
  • How do search engines operate?

Sources online for beginner’s guide are all over the net. You can read ebooks about SEO or ask help from professionals too. After getting through the basics, test yourself. Look for a venue that can let you evaluate your SEO fundamentals. Then, go on to the next level.

The Intermediate Level

Having SEO fundamentals, you can proceed to the intermediate level. This level is about more specific situations in SEO. Go to sites with SEO techniques posts. Join webinars or video conferences that tackle content optimization, sitemap, and keywords, among the few topics available.

Some SEO professional conduct classes on PPC advertising, for example. If you are willing to spend some money to get through this level, then you can look for search engine colleges around to the web for the tools you need to start with. Just make sure that you can choose legit people to help on this.

Consult firms that can get your way through this level. If you are a small business company and you do need to advance your SEO skills, better go for an NYC SEO firm for consultation and for the services you need.

Advanced SEO Level

This level is for you to go through some technical knowledge. After two levels of using your computer, now turn it off and time to use a book. Get a copy of either The Art of SEO or SEO Warrior. Read how both of these books can provide with all the technical terms on SEO. If you want to master SEO, start with one of these books. 

Proceed to getting all the updates on SEO in places like the social media. Use your Twitter account and follow SEO blogs to know daily posts about optimizing your website’s presence. Other than Twitter, look for SEO communities which are Q&A based. SEO answers are easily found in these communities.

Your level can still increase, just always keep yourself updated or seek help. Education won’t stop at the advanced level. So, keep your everyday life well-versed by trending SEO news.

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