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10 Signs a Spirit Uses to Communicate with You

Have you ever wonder if your deceased loved ones come around you once in a while? Have you ever experienced unusual or unexplainable things, but are afraid to investigate?

  1. Lights Flickering

    This is one of the most common signs. Spirits have the ability to interfere with light and electricity just because they are pure energy. I’m not saying that EVERY single time a light bulb flickers at home means that a spirit is around you, but if you check the bulb or the switch and everything seems to be fine and you can’t find an explainable reason, then is very possible there’s a spirit around you.

  2. Appliances Turning On and Off

    Again, the spirits are pure energy and they can manipulate electronic appliances as well, such as the TV, radio, microwave oven, etc. Most of the times they want to make you aware that they’re there and want your attention. If your TV turns on for no apparent reason, try to decode the reason behind it…what show or channel is on? Is it perhaps the favorite show your grandfather used to watch before passing away? Is the radio playing your grandma’s favorite old song?

  3. Chills or Cold Spots

    Sometimes you are in your room, reading a book or chatting online, and suddenly, you feel an awkward chill on the back of your neck, or you get sudden goose bumps through your arms even though is 70o. Degrees. Most of the people have experienced something similar at least once in their lifetimes and the reason of these phenomena is that spirits do not release heat because in fact they absorb it. As everybody knows, heat is energy in movement, and when spirits absorb it they leave a cold spot instead. They use that energy to move and perhaps, to turn on your TV.

  4. Dreams

    Perhaps this is the universal media through which spirits send you messages. But how do you know if that dream about you and your death relative was a real conversation or just the product of your subconscious? In fact, there are a few characteristics you should analyze after having a spiritual dream: It should be vivid
    It should be in color, not black and white or grayish
    It should be chronological or at least with a logical sequence It should have some sort of message with words, telepathy, or physical
    It should have left you confused, happy, peaceful or even fearful

  5. The Feeling of Being Watched

    A lot of us have felt this one! All of us have the ability to pick up spiritual energy once in while, especially when we are relaxed. You may ask, how to tell if this feeling is real or just a suggestive fear? Just ask yourself: Am I feeling this because I don’t like to be alone? Or is it because I recently watched something scary on TV? Remember that our mind play tricks on us very often. If the feeling of being watched came out of the blue, while you were singing, reading a book or just concentrated in something totally unrelated, then be sure that you are not alone!

  6. Voices

    A lot of times people have heard voices calling their names, laughing or chatter. This is very possible but very rare. Indeed, when people hear this voices in an unexplainable circumstance, they attribute them to ghosts. In this case let me make a distinction between a ghost and a spirit. A ghost is an entity that hasn’t cross over to the other side, while a spirit has done so. A spirit can come to the earth to visit relatives and gives us messages, which can also be heard through our ears, but as I said, these cases are rare. On the other hand, a ghost doesn’t know is dead or they can’t cross over because of unfinished business, and they can also try to communicate with you in a rather disturbing manner.

  7. Symbols

    Unfortunately this is the sign we pay less attention to. Spirits try to communicate with us in every unimaginable manner, and by using symbols they are sending us a message without scaring us. Have you ever seen a flying bird that suddenly reminds you of a friend you lost in your childhood? Or perhaps, you found an exact copy of a book at the bookstore that your grandmother used to read to you? What about that toy you thought was lost that your father gave you one Christmas? All of these are examples of symbols our spirits use to let us know… Hey, I’m watching over you!

  8. Scents

    This is another sign that can be confusing. We always keep memories about how our deceased relatives used to smell, perhaps of a distinctive colony or perfume they liked, or even because of a specific activity they performed. I’ve heard many stories where people are doing something and suddenly they smell that particular perfume, or cigarette odor. If your death relative used to work with cars and out of the blue you smell car oil, don’t be scared and say hi!

  9. Moving objects

    Spirits can have the energy to move an object in front of our eyes. However this is rather rare since they don’t want to scare us. This phenomenon is more attributed to ghosts. But many times spirits will do so if they have something important to tell us, especially if we are experiencing a rough time in our lives. Even though you may not see the actual movement, things can appear in different places the next morning or disappear from it usual location. Think about the actual meaning of that object to you, and how can it relate to your deceased relative.

  10. Apparitions

    Apparitions can be really scary, especially because of the context how movies portray them. Spirits don’t want to scare us, but sometimes they’ll appear to us to give us peace. When we see people we don’t know, there can be two possible explanations. It is a ghost or it is an angel, but that’s another story. Ghosts usually appear to scare us or at least to let us know they’re there. Angels appear to us to protect us. When a death relative appears to you, don’t be scared and try to talk to him/her. But don’t worry, since this sign is the rarest, rest assured that you won’t see a complete apparition, however don’t underestimate those “corner of the eye shadows”, because most of the times, it wasn’t your imagination.

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User Comments
  1. louie jerome

    On January 13, 2008 at 7:50 am

    Interesting ideas

  2. Liane Schmidt

    On January 13, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    Wow…what an interesting article. I believe in ghosts/spirits because my late grandfather saw one and he was the type of man who was very practical and did not believe in such things until he witnessed it firsthand.

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  3. brennan

    On January 13, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    that was surprisingly freaky, but logical i liked it

  4. Prelude2Rapture

    On January 14, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    that was so generalized its ridiculous… “a spiritual dream may leave u feeling happy, peaceful, confused & even fearful”

    *gasp!* omg! my dream of my dead cousin left me feeling just like that in some interpretation of the word!

    it must be his spirit! however did u pin-point such a mystery so articulate & accurately?!?

  5. aghostlymessage

    On January 15, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    # 4, you are narrow minded and destined to be haunted by your words

  6. misplacedmisfit

    On January 17, 2008 at 6:45 am

    These are so true! I’ve had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 happen to me. The ones I remember the most are the dreams I’ve have about a friend of mine who died 14 years ago. They don’t happen often, but when they do I pay attention.

  7. ggc

    On January 20, 2008 at 2:53 am

    The narrow minded people are those who believe that there is no afterlife and, like saying that of all the planets in the universe, earth is the only lucky one that has life. Great article!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hola prima

    On January 24, 2008 at 8:06 am

    Vay aque cauasate polemica con el artículo…jajaja..aunque difiero de algunos puntillos, hay muchas cosas tan reales como el sol que nos ilumina y da calor, si, es cierto la vida depsues d ela muerte, y si, es cierto que hay algunas almas rondando por este mundo…pero hay que tener mucho cuidado en lo que estamos buscando o podemos encontrarnos con scosas bastante desagradables…pero explicame eso de qu eeres investigadora d elo paranormal?? una carrera un hobbie o que rollo??…bueno prima etsamos en contatco..y de verdad..hay qu eplaticar sobre ello…saludos, un besote…saludos a la familia bye!!!

  9. Auris Castañeda

    On January 24, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    Muy interesante,coincido contigo,conocemos nuestras
    respectivas experiencias sobre el tema y sabemos que son ciertas estas manifestaciones, no me queda
    ninguna duda, ¡ me agrada la polémica!¡Muy bien

  10. someone

    On February 4, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    ok now iim officaly freaked out…….

  11. Elaine

    On February 29, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    My son and his friends are experiencing most of the things you mentioned about the lights and things being moved etc. He is staying in Santa Cruz and the house they live in was previously occupied by who we think might be Ed Kemper. My husband and I went to drop him off at the house last weekend Feb. 2008, and we noticed a woman on the balcony of my son’s place. He was by the door and she was right next to him, we thought they knew each other. I called my son to come back to the car so that we could go grab some dinner and I asked him about the lady and he said nobody was home and he didn’t see a lady. My husband and I didn’t believe him at first because we know what we saw, but he had no reason to lie. Then we did some research on the house and found out about the girls who were beheaded and dismembered but I am still not sure this is related. We are not sure what to think or what to do for that matter. My son is not scared he enjoys what he calls his spirit friends who also occupy his house he just said” to bad they can’t share the rent with the rest of us.”

  12. gabriela nguyen

    On March 24, 2008 at 1:32 am

    Thanks for sharing your story. In this case it seems that things are pretty calm and that nobody is being bothered by these ghosts. In these situations is better to leave things like they are. But if the activity interferes with the normality of life, the best thing to do is to call a professional (medium, priest, psychic etc)to make a cleansing in the house. Do not try to do it yourself or your son because it needs to be done by a mentally and energetically prepared person, remember that you are dealing with energies here.

  13. becky a

    On April 18, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    i have experianced 10 out of 10 of these signs..
    good to know im not the only one.

  14. Cathy

    On May 28, 2008 at 1:57 am

    I lost my son last 4th of July and have had MANY signs from him as have other family members and friends. Some were very obvious and could not be disputed for what they were and others were not so obvious.
    Best thing to do is keep an open mind !!!!

  15. jenny

    On July 23, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    my mom past 4 yrs ago, i allways dream of her giving me a small brown bag, she says its for me , i dont take it because im afraid .. another time she came with my grand mother who i loved so much and past away b 4 my mom.. i dont know whta she wants help

  16. Delicia

    On August 15, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    some of those happened to me I could Hear Voices
    and hearing footsteps

  17. tracy

    On August 28, 2008 at 5:30 am

    please does any one know what 3 bright blue rings are a sign of they were spinning on my dads living room floor just above the carpet .my mum passed away 3 1/2 years ago could it be anything to do with my mum

  18. jordan

    On October 3, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    well im a psychic and alot of my family members mostly my grama was she was very intuned with her abilities but those 2 rings you were talking about they might be vortexes my friend had one in between his living room and his dining room you can feel the energy and candles fell fish died and then his canary died but then his mom brought it back to life somehow she thinks it was help from her grama but ya on of my stories are i was laying in my bed and i closed my eyes and i heard wake him wake him see if hes awake i opened my eyes and noone was there and it was two girls i know but that same night i was dreaming and all of a sudden this girl comes in my dream and she was in red and she told me i didnt deserve to live and was choking me and i could not do anything i woke up and i could not breathe anythin 2 days later me and my bro were walking to blockbuster when he said that he had this vision of a green car hit a truck i was like what ever your just lying cause he never shared these things with me before and i just thought oh hes just making fun of me you know but when we came back we were walking down the hill but on the opposite side for some reason this green car came around the corner and i guess wasnt paying attention was speeding and hit this truck that was just mid way up the hill we both fell to the ground and were like omg like first accident we ever witnessed later that night it just clicked in that my brother knew that that was going to happen i didnt confront himm about it cause he would just argue but i did ask what made you say that about the green car he said ‘ well because like i said i had a vision but i said from who though and he was like …. from our brother and i looked at him and said what your kidding me and he said no just before i had a vision i saw our brother in the middle of the road and he said i just wanted to know if you would have seen him or not then it just came to me … but ya thats my story but these kind of things happen alot to me and my brother now ts weird and i dont know why so if any answers id love to hear from you

    thanks alot

  19. August

    On October 21, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    i was wondering when u have a dream,and it is spirtual with a friend that is on earth does that person and thier spirit know that i had seen and talked to them?

  20. Liz

    On November 21, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    My husband died 3 months ago. He and I never actually considered ourselves as spiritualists however through the years we have experienced every kind of sign listed on this site. He knows how opened minded I am about this subject and has gone above and beyond to show me he is still around the kids and I. The first sign he gave me was a song on the radio within the first week of his passing. I felt insecure about our relationship being severed forever and worried about him leaving me behind and forgetting our love and vows. We made a pact in life to reunite in heaven and continue as if this is just a temporary separation. The song he brought to my attention was Accompany me by Bob Segor. Prior to this I had never heard this song before. Another sign was an Owl landed in my back yard and starred at my son and me for several minutes during late mid morning hours. I felt a connection to him through the creature. I was compelled to stare at the bird for a long time. The next significant sign was a mutual/shared dream my daughter and I both had last weekend. He shown us both symbols of yogurt and told us to buy some to soothe our stomachs. We both heard him speak to us from behind in our right ears. We had the same exact dream at the same exact time. We woke up approximately the same time and discussed this with each other. My daughter had a cd tossed off her book case. She picked it up and saw it was his favorite Hank Williams Jr .CD. We put it in the cd player for him. Beyond that he has manipulated electronics made noises/ beeped the disconnected cell phone and appeared to us as a shadowy figure in our picture window. My deceased mother has shaken and rattled things. At her very own wake she shook a picture of herself and knocked it over on the alter at the funeral parlor during her eulogy. She appeared to my husband in a white gown. After my mother in law passed away the ceiling fan would start spinning for no reason and when our friend died the toaster oven he gave us would turn on right before my eyes. Finally we used to get a phone call with nothing but static on the line approximately a week before someone we knew crossed over. In the event of my husbands death our door bell rang (nobody was outside) I knew he was sick so I went out of my way to walk down the driveway to see if anyone was around.

  21. Guy Dusseault

    On November 22, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    Our son Billy died on June 26 2004 four days before his 29th birthday. We have a website in honor of Billy which anyone may visit read our story and view a few pages of an amazing event which began to occur to us about 10 months after Billy crossed over to heaven. We have been able to continue to receive many signs from Billy through photographs, and many of them. One of our favorite signs are the heart shaped form of the moon, street light an of our christmas tree lights. We have several hundred of the heart shaped images of the moon. Billy will also make our motion sencor lights go on and off. Your all welcome to visit our website at any time.

    Thank you

  22. Lynda

    On December 12, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    This morning, very early, I was having coffee, watching the news, when for no reason the tv suddenly turned off…first I thought there was a power outage, but the fans were still on and the lights. Hmmmm!

    I turned the tv back on and it was as though nothing had occurred, it came right back on to the channel I was watching. A bit later, I realized the message lite on the phone was blinking….the phone had evidently turned off as well….about 2 hours later, I went to use the computer……the monitor was turned off…one of the two printers (the one with the fax feature on it) was off, but everything else, the modem, other printer, internet feed box, desk light, calculator and sound system were all still on.
    How strange is this? I have a great deal going on in my life right now….including my father with cancer..this will be his last christmas..and other issues I am undecided about as far as resolution or where to go from here.

    I was watching Channel 13…tomorrow is the 13th of December…I think this may be a sign that someone is trying to communicate with me since all my “communication” devices turned off at once…they are NOT on the same circuit in the fuse box!!!

    Let’s see what happens on the 13th…..maybe I will get news communicateed to me then……

  23. Kristina

    On December 12, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    At my grandfather’s funeral today the lights went out for a split second and I remember this happening at my grandma’s funeral as well on the other side of the family. Is this a coicidence or most likely communication? Also, For the past few days, since he passed away, I’ve been feeling my heart beat hard in my chest… now as upset as I am about his death, I know this is not due to anxiety or being upset because I have dealt with death before in worse circumstances and have never felt these palpitations before. He was 85 and the death was expected so I’m not grieving as hard as I have in the past. Once I said a prayer to him regarding my future with my family, almost instantaneously, I felt the palpitations stop and my pulse was back to normal. Anyone have any insight?

  24. Bobby Davison

    On December 28, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Two years ago my husband and I were sitting in our front room when my mobile phone which was off, and sitting on top of the microwave in the kitchen (which is open to our front room), started playing the death march tune. The only way we knew it was supposedly coming from the phone was because the phone lit up and was wobbling slighlty like it was vibrating. The tune sounded like it was in surround sound and filled the entire room – nothing like the usual melody that comes from a phone. The room went freezing cold and we both felt petrified. My husband jumped up and turned the phone off, we called our parents and told them something terrible had just happened but nobody could really understand because unless you were there you couldn’t ‘feel’ how the room and the atmosphere was. The next day we had a phone call at 8am saying that my Nan had died overnight – totally out of the blue.

  25. Stef

    On December 28, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    When I was a child, my parents and I experienced hauntings in our current house. Our house was built in 1910. Items in our house would disappear, I would have constant nightmares, my father would come home from work and see shadows of men, but no one else was home. Objects would move by themselves. It was frightening. We remodeled my bedroom sand the bathroom around 2002, and since then, all has been peaceful.
    Now, I recently did a past life regression for kicks, and found myself in Georgia around the early 1920’s. I was on a tree swing and I realized that someone was pushing me. I looked back and it was this tall, skinny red head. He was telling me how he hated working at his fathers grocery store and how he wanted to go to NYC. I felt angry. I didn’t want him to go. He told me we would still get married – no matter what. I did another regression and found myself in New York City around April of 1940. I was going to an audition of some sort. I was walking across the street and the heel of my pump was stuck in the ground… and I was hit and killed by a car.
    Well, I did research on this actor and found him to be Sterling Holloway. He was from Cedartown, Georgia. He never got married. Odd huh? Well, I think the regression may have opened doors — because the lights in my house flicker and then die. I had to replace about 8 light bulbs in three weeks. My dad checked everything out and we don’t have any electrical problems. A few weeks ago I turned on my laptop [left it in the living room] and walked away from it. I was in the kitchen, and I could hear voices. I went back into the living room only to find the movie “Girl O’ My Dreams” playing on my laptop. [Sterling Holloway co-starred in that film].
    I get all these cold chills, sometimes it even feels like someone is holding my hand at night. In my dreams I hear this song. It keeps playing over and over. It goes
    “And let me tell you, friend
    Don’t try to get away
    He’ll find you in the end
    He’ll spot you out in China or he’ll fly to County Cork
    So you better look out for Mr. Stork

    Look out for Mr. Stork
    He’s got you on his list
    And when he comes around
    It’s useless to resist
    Remember those quintuplets and the woman in the shoe
    Maybe he’s got his eye on you”

    I did a little research and found out that Mr. Stork was played by Sterling Holloway in Dumbo [1941].

    A few of my classmates also told me that they felt a presence of energy around me.. I wonder if it’s Mr. Holloway.

    Thanks for the information. Very helpful. :)

  26. priscilla

    On January 11, 2009 at 7:19 am

    i thought i was going crazy.
    seing my deceased friend in the corner of my eye
    and feeling watched. now i know that it’s all just kind of normal.

  27. Penny

    On January 14, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    I have a question and I’m hoping someone can tell me what they think it meant or if maybe something similiar has happened to them. My father passed away a little over 2 months ago. He had been sick for the past two years with lung cancer. At the end it was horrible and he was very weak. One day about a week and a half before he died I was at his house with him; my brothers and I had been staying day and night with him helping my mom take care of him. On that day, I’d just helped him up out of bed to sit in his recliner while I fixed him breakfast. He wasn’t able to walk by himself, and also had oxygen that he carried with him all of the time. I had just helped to his chair and walked into the kitchen to fix the food when out of the corner of my eye I saw him stand straight up and walk all by himself, without difficulty, back into his bedroom. For a split second, I really thought he’d gotten up and I was afraid he would fall so I ran back into the living room and he was still right where I’d left him, in his recliner. The vision I saw of him even looked younger than he did at that time. What did I see and what did it mean? I want so desperately to get a sign from him that he’s okay.

  28. Guy Dusseault

    On January 16, 2009 at 8:43 am

    Hello: Our son Billy died on June 26 2004 four days before his 29th birthday. We have had many signs from Billy as described above in the ten signs that our loved ones us to communicate with us. We have had another way that Billy has been able to communicate with us and that is through photographs and Billy has giving us plenty. We have a website which everyone is welcome to visit read our story and view a few pages of the amazing photographs ( signs ) from Billy.

    Thank you

  29. ellerby

    On February 7, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    A couple of weeks ago my sister and I were at home, I was cooking dinner whilst my sister was watching t.v, when we had a large, but quick power surge. An hour later our mum called to say that my nan had passed away.

    Even if its nothing but a coincidence, I’ll always hope that it was a sign from her and have been hoping for more to know she’s still with us, even if we can’t see her..

  30. aussie mate

    On February 26, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    i can relate to the dreams. when i lost a good friend of mine i was in shock for some time and didn’t want to believe it expesialy when it happened on christmas eve. that night i went to sleep relatively early and had a really vivid dream about her, my mum heard me talking in my room/screaming aslo and when she walked in i was saying “no no carla, dont go…. bye” and my mum woke me up and turned to me and said “that was you saying your goodbyes to her, because she wouldnt leave without saying it to you” and it felt so true, because she died to suddenly in a car crash i didnt get the chance to say goodbye and it gave me closure. i felt very comforted the next day.

  31. skinnyskinny

    On March 20, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    I had number one.. today, this am to be exact.. I have always been skeptical, when I hear people talk of these things…my mother passed away this past Sept. 12th… her birthday is Sunday the 22nd of March.. and her mother, my grandmothers birthday was today,, she passed away, year back.. my mother gave me a heart locket with her piciture and my grandmothers…this morning.. I kept hearing something electrical beeping in my bedroom,, it was happening every 3-5 min. or so.. and lasted only a time.. I looked at everything in my room and couldnt figure out where it was coming from.. I sat on the edge of my bed.. noticed the locket and decided to open it,, because of it being grandmas birthday…then I heard the beep again and realized it was coming from my computer cabinet.. no computer in it… and it was from an old cell phone, that hasnt been used in a very long time.. I opened it and it had power…..I knew that couldnt be, and it made me wonder about my mom or grandmother,, so I said out loud… is it you.. are you trying to show me you are here? My mother and I had discussed before her passing that if she could communicate she would do it in a certain way,, and that has not happened.. so I said,, is this the way that you can communicate? through electronics,,, please show me…? The lights in my room and my bathroom, both dimmed for a second… I was amazed.. and happy, but still skeptical.. so I pleaded with her or them, to please show me again, as they know how skeptical I am about such things.. and that if they did I would not doubt them again.. they did it again… I am amazed and happy to know that they are with me… I decided to power off the phone,, and when I did… it said on the screen, be safe be courteous.. perhaps that phone always says that.. I am not sure, I cant remember,, but even if it did,,, they chose that way to communicate to me… I also saw my mother in a dream,, she was wearing a cute little barrett hat… I started screaming because she looked so healthy, and she just said ” I know Becky, I know” Its like she was trying to tell me there was nothing wrong with her and the doctors were wrong..

  32. Jennifer

    On April 14, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    I am thankful I have found a place to share my experience. My mother has been gone for over 10 years. Two nights ago, my 18 year old daughter came in a my room and kissed me goodnight. I had a very restless night, but seemed to have dosed off briefly. I think I was dreaming…my dead mother came in and gave me a kiss goodnight. She then hugged me, and I could smell her. She, however, would not let go. All of a sudden, I was aware that I was not dreaming. A sudden very cold chill went through my entire body to where I literally shivered. I was afraid to sit up for fear of what I might see. My cat that normally sleeps at the foot of my bed every night was under the bed (very unusual behavior for her). The cat was restless the rest of the night, as was I. It really, really shook me up. I know this really happened to me, and I cannot explain it. I have never had any type of paranormal experience in my life and typically tend to be more scientific than spiritual. Any insights??

  33. Lori

    On May 15, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    What about a bird that continues to tap on my window?

  34. Kim

    On June 6, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Can spirits communicate through text messaging. I was having strange occurances. My car would be locked 3 times and I know I never locked it. Also my computer would come on by itself. But the strangest was when my daughter\’s friend got a text message saying I\’m watching you and I\’ll never leave. They would ask him questions without texting. He would answer back by texting. We found out his name and where he was buried at. We went to the cemetary to look for his grave but we couldn\’t find it. He text and said where are you and he told us his exact location of his grave. Once we found his grave he text back and said thank you and bye girls.I don\’t know what he wanted. I think he might of just needed someone to visit him to show that he wasn\’t forgotten. My daughter and her friend were scared at first until they realized he didn\’t mean the any harm. Some people think it\’s a prank. I don\’t. It just reinforces what I always have known. There are spirits and the afterlife.

  35. n/a

    On July 8, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    what about a bird tappin on my door. it happens alot. before someone i knew passed away a dead bird was beside my car, i felt so bad for it and wanted to bury it i felt the need to, but i waited too long and the day i was goin to it was gone, also not long b4 the deceased passed my grass had just been cut, also i heard a vice through my xbox. there are alot of old timey sayings mt family used to say and i believe them, also i have had always believed birds to be good and maybe our loved ones carrying messages. or just to drop by and knock on the door as my lil bird does, it is a wild bird i thought someone was actually knocking so i went to see and it was a lil bird at my door. guess what a part of my name is bird. i am telling the honest truth. i believe in the lord.

  36. Lisa

    On July 16, 2009 at 7:39 am

    Love this because I did smell roses
    and the smell corn. My grandpa had a garden and he grew corn
    and My grandma loved roses.
    so I know that they are with me.

  37. kps.sundaram

    On September 19, 2009 at 9:28 am

    my son karthik ,aged 38 yrs passedaway in london on 29 sept o8. we parents in india ,carriedout 1st year rememberance ceremony as per hindu religion on 18 sept 09 on the banks of river where his ashes urn was immersed in the river, returnd home to carryout remaining poojas (prayers). At night the door callingbell was continously ringing , we thought some electric problem &disconected the calling bell.A little long after the land line phone was ringing for long time, even the ringing did not stop after picking up the receiver, but nobody spoke instead of my hallowing repeteadly. My son loved us and this house too much.I wonder did he came to this house to see us??? -parents in pain

  38. michelle

    On October 7, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    my grandma passed away one year ago, and 2 days i had her show me her first sign. the radio turned on and the song that was on.. “when i get where im going” .. was on and i just know it was from her.
    “when i get where im going, dont cry for me down here”
    great article.

  39. Rosanna H

    On November 10, 2009 at 9:00 am

    amazing! I myself have smelled my father’s after shave (Brute) very strongly and suddenly while I sat on my couch. There was no Brut in the house, not even a single cologne. I got the shivers when it hit me, but I didn’t feel scared.

    Another time, after my two teenagers had been in a bad car wreck, I was standing outside my brother’s house (where they were headed at the time) and low and behold, something told me to look up and there was a black bird circling my brother’s house, over and over. I got the sensation that it was my father, because he had told my 3 year old nephew that he was going to come back as a crow. I still believe to this day that Daddy was watching over my children and protected them, because the EMT said just a few more inches right and my son would have been dead on impact.

    Thank God for spriits! Even when I am alone I don’t feel that way at all.

  40. Paul Robin

    On November 29, 2009 at 11:02 am

    Hi, My Mum who my sister & I Loved so much passed away 7 months ago from Cancer.She suffered so much & didn’t want to leave us to the end.Now we feel so sad & such a void in our life.I have felt her hug me in my sleep when I was missing her so much.My sister saw the light flicker in my mums flat & asked if it is you mum do it again & the lights flickered again,I have spoken to her & then flet goose bums on my legs & today I am in her apartment & the walls have been making sounds all day…never happened…before,& I said…mum I know you are here & it stopped straight away.I know my mums spirit is near because she feels our love & pain….but will I ever be able to kiss & hug her again….I don’t think so….but she knows she was so loved.

  41. Scared

    On December 10, 2009 at 9:04 am

    Uhhhh….. I have sooooo many of those after doing automatic writing. how do u stop it?

  42. Chris

    On December 18, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    My mom died a month ago suddenly. We are suffering so bad. She was my best friend. Since then, I’ve experienced blinking lights, with no electrical explanation. Also, one night I was settling into bed for the night and all of a sudden, I smelled her very strong. I sat up on the side of the bed and started talking to her. I told her everything that I’ve ever wanted to say to her. As soon as I told her that my son was suffering terribly, missing her, the smell was suddenly gone. I walked into my son’s room and there she was. I smelled her strong. My son was sleeping but I said to her, “Mom, I’m going to leave you alone with him. I went back in 15 mins. later and the smell was gone. Since then, I catch brief smells of her but nothing like that night. It was wonderful!

  43. Luke

    On December 27, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    im only 13 but i have spoken with my friends dead uncle, my friendasked my questions like what his uncle looked like and his middle name and i drew a picture of him and my friend was in premature shock. another time i was in geography class and i blanked out completely and got a feeling ive gotten before and when i got home my cousins uncle died.
    ive seen things i didnt want to before like apparitions and i was very scared or sometimes actually conforted by them. i dont know if things like these are normal to others and i just dont know how it works.

  44. Paige

    On December 29, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    hiyaa im paiggee well tonight me and my m8t zaneta slept at my house its 1:31 this happend we heared the door open and footsteps cuming in to my sis roon cuming into my room than we got up to have a look than we heared this this calling my name im scared right nw soo is my m8t plz just help us we need helpp i feel like im ganna get hurt helppp!!!!

  45. nikki

    On December 31, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    thanks for this. i know ive heared my name being called b4. and once i thought it was mom dad or my sis. so i asked em all. they said that didnt call me. so i got back to my room and i heared it again.
    plus the moving objects. like in my house. i will leave something some where. get back. and its gone. so i search my house till i find it. and mom n dad n sis kinda laugh @ me cuz i think i originally put it there… n i didnt.
    then the being watched. i will be sitting somewhere nice and ill be reading or sumthing. and all da sudden its like ” im watching you” kinda feeling…
    and there alot since my house is really old. i dont know its past but sumtimes i wish i did. but i also get cold spots n feeling in my home. sumtimes goosebumps.
    but these happen @ my house. my friends house its like you can tell its different there. her house is not as old as mine but we heared noises while we alone. and once i swear i thought i saw sum1 in da corner while i was tryin 2 sleep. it scared da crap outta me cuz it was a tall dark man that looked like he was wearing a wide brimed hat. it was like a dark shadow or sumthin.. and something will b moved. and once i walk in i get this feeling that someone else is there other thn her family.

    (if sum1 reads this.. thanks 4 listen 2 me blable. lol )

  46. Brenda de Klerk

    On January 4, 2010 at 8:03 am

    Im very connected to the universe….perhaps also psychic…I had a wierd but strangely enough not very scary moment yesterday…my bathroom light flickered for a few times…and I got a very strong smell…almost oily…it reminded me of codliver oil I used to drink as a child…I previously on a few occasions woke up at night with a flowery smell…and could feel a presence near me…
    I lost my mom and dad a few years apart…but they both died in hospital…I also lost some friends and people I knew these last few years…thats all…Im pertrified of dealing with death…specially the thought of my own death…I really suffer with the idea…im not at ease when I think of my own death…

  47. Breyana

    On February 23, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    i have a lot of the 10 sigms at my house i wish they r not here because i have a little brother

  48. Jonathan

    On March 1, 2010 at 2:22 am

    I need help. I fear my family and I are in great danger. I have brought forth two spirits that I have brought into my house. They are constantly moving objects in my house, turning lights on and off, and moving my 9 week old daughter from her crib to her swing. When I look up material online I fear it makes them angry as I get the feeling of hands wrapping around my throat and reaching into my chest. Everyone thinks I\’m crazy. I know I\’m not as I\’ve been in the presents of ghosts before. As I have said, I fear for my family. If you can help, feel free to email me at or call me at (803)-295-7656. My name is Jonathan. Please help if you can.

  49. shirley

    On March 3, 2010 at 8:47 am

    well here goes, i have beleived in ghosts and spirits, and have seen one a few years ago, and felt a presence inmy old house. now i been in my new house for 5 yrs, and the history is nothing bad has happened and noboby died here.then funny things started 2 wks ago, i am 10 wks pregnant, and my cooker has started to turn its rings on for no reason, and my volume on the tv keeps going, im totally freaked out because i switched my cooker off at the wall, and it still turns my switches, no heat now, so its safe, i dont know who it is, or what they want, and dont know how to communicate, and find out, wish it would do a bit more xxand give me a clue

  50. Melissa

    On March 15, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    My husband’s mom passed away about a week ago. Since then, there have been 3 odd occurances. Last night was the most bizarre. A few days ago the lights were alternating dim then bright for about 6 cycles or so. The next day, two dead birds on my deck. They were intact and not bitten or bleeding in any way. Last night at 2:10 am, the livingroom stereo just came on loudly by itself. We were all in bed sleeping.

  51. Misnmypapa

    On March 24, 2010 at 4:23 am

    If a spirit or (Ghost) seem scary, it is usually because we are afraid of the unknown. We are afraid of what does not seem logical to us, and we are afraid or confused by what we cannot see in solid form. There are in fact many things that can happen to show that a spirit or (ghost) is present. I suggest trying to communicate in as many ways as possible to find out who it is and what they need or want from you.invite them to type you a message on your keyboard and have notepad availabe, maybe leave it available while you are out of the room, but do not let anyone else in your household know what you are trying to accomplish as someone may try to damper with your findings. For the most part, be happy that we are not alone in this world as some of us can feel alone in a room full of people. I never felt anything when my great grandparents passed but i have felt many things since my grandfather passes, although i would be happy to have him with me, I hope he watches over and guides grandma.
    R~I~P 8-23-2009
    in very loving memory CCB :) I love and miss you!

  52. Deanna

    On March 30, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    I’m so glad I read this! My boyfriend who died in a car accident has came to me a handful of times in my dreams and I know it was him because the dreams were so vivid and still are to this day. And he also has moved a few objects before too. I got in my car one day after work, and all day I could feel his presence around me, and I was putting on my seatbelt and I could hear the mirror being ripped off the passenger visor and it fell onto the seat. When I looked up the visor was all the way down which it wasn’t. A few months later I was feeling really, really sad and just missing him and I felt him around me for 3 days straight and after the first day of this I went out to my car and my visor was down again so i put it back up. The next day, the same thing so I put the visor up again and it happened again the next day. He’s letting me know he was there and he would definitely do something that there was a car involved because he loved his cars and was a mechanic. I know he is very much alive and well!

  53. ashoua

    On April 1, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    i can hear voices and my name called plus when i sleep it feels like someones watching me!i really think it\’s my dead grandma cause i only got to see her when i was 1 year old i cant even remeber her!all i have left of her are pictures and a blankie!im 10 now 9 years b4 she died(SIGH)…..

  54. Mia Winters

    On April 3, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    This article really opened my eyes. I’ve been hearing voices recently in my room, always when I’m trying to sleep, seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye, and the craziest dream I had ever had. I often hear a little girl’s voice say my name; then she starts talking, but I can never figure out what she’s saying. Just a couple weeks ago, I heard her again, this time by my bed while I was trying to go to sleep, moving something around or walking around; I’m not sure what she was doing, but then she said my name and a short sentence, which I couldn’t decipher at all. I often see shadows out of the corner of my eye and my brother told me that he saw shadows walking by my room yesterday. Then I had a dream a month back where I picked up a ring, like a class ring or something, with the year ‘57 on it. I have no clue what it means exactly, but I went to my grandparents’ house and found my grandmother’s class ring from when she graduated from going to school to be a nurse, which happened to have that same year on it. The thing is, though, that I only hear her about once a month, and when I do, I end up with this spitting image of her in my head, the prettiest little girl with blonde hair and wide blue eyes, a round face, and she wears a blue dress, probably from about the 1900s era. She always looks worried in my head; I don’t know what she’s trying to tell me or if she’s just lonely, but I have come to enjoy her company. That night when I last heard her speak and when I actually heard her moving around, I decided to be courageous. After she said my name, I whispered, “Stephanie, is that you?” (I always had a feeling her name was Stephanie) and I swear I heard a “Yes,” in response! After that, I was so stunned that I didn’t bother to reply; I didn’t hear her for the rest of the night. I’ve been hearing her for about a year now; I used to be scared, but now I know that she can’t hurt me/wouldn’t hurt me and I’m not scared anymore. I accept her when she decides to make herself known.

  55. shamili

    On April 16, 2010 at 8:56 am

    thanks for dis..even i had these weird experiences and was even scared of them.i guess m gonna talk to them[ma loved ones]now without fear..i just hope it doesnt harm me in anyway:)

  56. elket forbes

    On April 30, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    i beleave that psychic should not charge for any spiritual advice,for helping ones soul!!for thoses who do , u may say u have to make a liveing,but that just means your being psychological!! im not going in to detail,but that what a lot of u so call psychic do!! show me a person that can tell me whats on my mind,and then ill beleave.its just not base on emotion!!! its also understanding and haveing respect for that knowleage

  57. juelz

    On May 24, 2010 at 8:38 am

    How do you explain someone who\’s completely awake but not being able to move, scream for help or open his/her eyes and hearing a voice sometimes?

  58. Becca

    On June 4, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    I was lighting a candle and i turned around and there was change (6 coins) in the shape of the Tarot card the hanged man. i want to know what it means. because all the coins are tails up. so help please?

  59. ShadowFury

    On August 15, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    Hi um well I see spirits all the time but the worst 1 is when I was chased inside a church and the spirit was white wat that mean?

  60. ShadowFury

    On August 15, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    Hey guys um I experians spirits all the time but I don’t think there nice I was chased inside a church befor by a white spirit what does that mean? ( Very good article )

  61. ShadowFury

    On August 15, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    Juezl it’s probe a evil spirit holding him/her down to scare them:”"!?.,:;($$&

  62. Emery

    On August 27, 2010 at 10:26 am

    I’m almost sure that there’s two spirits/ghosts in my house. A fairly young man and a little girl. Although I think the man has left because I used to see him and hear him, but now it’s only the girl :/ I know it’s a girl because my mum said that when i was little I used to talk to a young (ghost) girl named Vermillia and we used to play together. In that same house my toys used to move around the house by themselves and sometimes my mum would hear me talking in the middle of the night and come in and I’d be talking to someone who wasn’t there. I know she’s still with me now because I hear footsteps, giggling and my name being said when I’m in bed. Signs I’ve had when I’m not in bed are that I’ve heard my name said and then the front door opening when there was no-one home but me. At that same moment my cat woke up and was looking at something. (Cats are super sensitive so I think she can see her)
    To answer juelz’s question, that’s sleep paralysis (It’s sort of like a lucid nightmare) I have it too. I can’t move or talk and sometimes it takes ages to wake myself up. I don’t think it has anything to do with demons though :D

  63. Joe

    On October 30, 2010 at 1:28 am

    One day I was doing the wash and unexplicably the water changed from cold to hot. I did not move the knob, but when I checked the knob moved form cold to hot, and I always use cold water and never touch that knob. The next day I got a call from my cousin to inform me that my aunt passed away in her sleep. Could it be my aunt was saying goodbye? I always stopped by once in a while to visit my aunt and uncle at the assisted-living home.

  64. Rhonda

    On December 17, 2010 at 1:34 am

    my husband, his sister and her 2 kids and our good friend and i moved into this house about 3 months ago and since then a lot and i mean a lot of unexplainable things has happened. Like the apparitions, we all have seen 2 little boys one around the age of 1 and the other around the age of five who plays with my neice. A young women in her 20s and an older man around his 40s. but as we can tell those are good spirits. but we have had encounters with a few evil spirits as well. at one end of the house my husband and i went into the bed room and looked up at the tv and both of us saw a spirit that looked like the grim reaper. at the other end of the house there is a spirit that is in our good friends room. she has felt like someone was chocking her, laying in the bed with her,ect. but there is one that we all see around my husband. he walked by a unlit candle and it shaddered. it did not even fall off the dresser it just burst into peices, that just happened today. then afterwards we lit another candle and my husband blew it out and it was still lit but it had a white flame. and also with the lights flickering, in mine and my husbands room, our friends room and kitchen the light will flicker and sometime go out but not in any other room. but when him our friend and i are gone nothing at the house happens.. if anyone has any suggestions to help please help.. email me at

  65. Kay-Bear

    On January 7, 2011 at 2:00 am

    The reason I looked it up, was cuz iv been hearing odd noises in my room, and every-time i look in the direction I’m hearing it from, it gets quiet…

  66. Margarita

    On January 16, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    This is a long story but i hope it can help others feel that they are not alone…The truth is that i never believed in spirits, angels and god but after my expiriences i became a very spiritual person. Everything begun when i was 13 years old. one night i had a dream that in the church i was baptised as a greek orthodox there was this man who was white and was wearing white clothes and had big eyes and the voice of god. this man was at the end of some staircases and i was on the other side of this staircase.. the man said and then i walked to him and gave him my hand and we started talking. when i woke up i was really scared and didn\’t believe that it could be and angel or something similar. After about 2 years i started having some expiriences with the dead.. one day i was watching tv and suddenly the image of my neighbour came in front of me and i asked my mum how he was doing and she said he was fine.. then later that evening my grandmother told he died… i now believe that he died and he soul was wandering around.. also one night i went to bed and turned off the light and i saw an old lady saying to me i was so scared that i could not speak and closed my eyes so i can sleep and forget it, in the middle of the night my mother had a phonecall from her best friend that her grandmother died that night.. i didn\’t know why she came to me but all i knew it was she came to say goodbye.. I\’m now 20 years old and 2 years ago my grandfather died from cancer.. it was a really hard time for me at the time because i broke up with my serious relationship and 2 days later was my grandfathers death.. i never said to my grandfather i love him and he never said it either but about a month of his death i was lying on my bed and i was very sad, crying myself to sleep and asking my grandfathers help until the small statue of an angel i had next to me moved .. i turned on the light and there was nothing else but that angel.. from that moment i realized that dead people are everywhere.. no matter if we see or hear them they are always beside us.. i immidiately stoped crying and thanking him for showing me he was there.. after this i had 2 dreams with my grandfather .. in both dreams i was rejecting him and he was sad about that and then i visited his grave and put some flowers on it and after that i never saw him again in my dreams… Another dream i had was outside a church behind my house .. i was with jesus and he had wings and he gave me also white big wings and we flought together .. after that dream i got accepted in a university in england which was really wired because i didn\’t do really well at school and i knew that the meaning of the dream was that god wanted me to know that he gave me the wings and now it is time for me to fly…!!!

    I really wish i can communicate again with my dead loved ones and i now know that they are always beside me guiding me …

  67. Margarita

    On January 16, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    *if you read my comment above there were some parts missing for some reason… the man with the white clothes said to me come come with me and the old lady said goodbye from grandmom!!!

  68. Miyea

    On January 23, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    Hi! My name is Miyea I have been experiencing a lot of what you stated in your article. I would be alone in my parent’s house and all of sudden the tv would just turn and the sound would be so loud you would think that what ever had turned it on was deaf lol. I would go into the living room and all the lights would be turned off and the tv would be off. I even recorded on my phone the tv and a door opening. I went to my grandpa’s room and let him hear what I recorded and he’s one of many skeptics on the ghost/spirit theories and he thought that it was werid that I got that stuff when no one was in the room. Also recently my brother stayed over with his boys. The oldest of his boys and I are real good friends. I slept in my room david and his youngest 3 slept in the living room and his oldest slept in our sunroom. He said that in the middle of the night he heard what sounded like people setting out dishes like they where going to eat supper or have a party. He started to holler at me to go to be bed and shut up when he got up and saw that no one was there. He said taht was really freaky and hes not one to be freaked out easily. There are even times where I go to sleep and more often than Id like to say I feel a presence on top of me trying to hold me down and I cannot breath and I cannot yell out almost like a nightmare but a living nightmare. My dogs have even acted strangely in my room like growling and looking off into space. Even my cats act strangely even though they stay in my room all the time some times they wont enter my room and others they do. We even have cold and hot spots. I have had only one experience where an object came off the wall and hit me but it was a harmless basket. It was high enough that I cold not have nocked it off the wall and I did not bang the door against the wall. I dont know it came off the wall and hit me in the face it was like some had picked it up off the wall and threw at me. Its really weird I know I am not crazy. 2-3 years ago I lost my bff he was sick and died. We had a funeral here in Ok for him and then in Georgia as well for he had a lot of family there. After we laid to rest there we stayed a few days at his sister-n-laws sister’s lake house. Then we went back to Ok. about a week to two weeks after this I dreamed about him and he was talking to me and saying he was alright and that I did not have to worry about him anymore and that he would watch over me. I have never understood this. Then the year anniversary of his death I had the same dream of him standing there talking to him as if he where alive and well. I cannot expain any of the things that happen here at my house how in the world do I get rid of it them.

  69. Rachel

    On March 1, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    I don’t know why but for the past few months I have been finding a necklace that was given to me by my sister inbetween my two pillows. I move it back to where it belongs in a little bag near my bed but it keeps ending up between my pillows. My sister is not dead so it’s not her.
    The frequency has increased recently. Where it used to happen once a month became once a week and is now daily.
    The necklace is a red oval on a piece of black string. The string is always wound up neatly under the pendant so that when I lift up the pillow the string cannot be seen.
    I am very confused. Any ideas?

  70. W.

    On March 9, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Great article!

    I’ve had #9 happen to me many times..

    I would be sitting in the kitchen of my old house and it would be very quiet.. Then suddenly as i was looking down at my homework i saw the garbage bin cover swing back and forth.. I got kind of scared since i was a little younger. I ran downstairs and my heart was pounding..

    One time, me and my friend were in my room playing bratz long ago .. right in front of our eyes .. first, this bag of sea shells fell.. then suddenly a few seconds after that happened, this bratz car moved. right in front of us..

    (this was pretty long ago because i dont play with bratz anymore.)

    I’m 14 now….

    And I always felt like someone was watching me…. like mostly everyday. i could feel it..

    i got goose bumps alot and like the chillss.

    its pretty scary at first, but once you get used to it then its like nothing to you.

    but i moved a few years back. ..

    so nothing happens to me anymore.. :) .. and i am happy about that.

    - W.

  71. Justin Bieber

    On March 9, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    Yoo , man this never happened to me yo

    - Justin Bieber

  72. prashanthy

    On March 13, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    well I would like to communicate with spirits

  73. miko

    On March 17, 2011 at 4:44 am

    is there any signs?this is very common. . sometimes it’s just only an imagination. .

  74. Amy

    On April 13, 2011 at 12:37 am

    My mother died 3 1/2 months ago. About 8 weeks ago, I began experiencing communication signals from my mom. These things happened after I told my mom in prayer that I was grieving terribly for her and missed her so much and I didn’t know what to do. And, I asked her to show me a sign by flickering the lights or something to show me she is ok in Heaven. Less than 2 minutes later, the lights flickered twice. The experience didn’t scare me, but comforted me to know we were able to communicate with each other. Well, after a few days, you tend to think it’s just a coincidence. THEN, a few days later, I talked to my mom in prayer and asked her to communicate with me again because I was so distraught that night and missed her. I didn’t think it would work again, but I told mom it wouldn’t freak me out if she did communicate to me. After asking her to shine a light again, I waited about 5-6 minutes, and at 12:30 am, a car pulled in and out of my driveway, shining their light in my bedroom window. After 7 years in my house, this is literally maybe only the 2nd time a car has turned around in my driveway. A coincidence? I don’t think so. THEN, a few nights ago I was on my way home from a friends house. I again prayed aloud to mom. 5 minutes later after asking for a sign, my cell phone which was sitting next to me in the car, started dialing on its own (it wasn’t leaning on anything either). The cell phone dialed 777-7777777777 77777. I decided to look online to see what 777 meant, and a lot of sites said it means Heaven & The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit. So, this totally freaked me out, but really comforted my aching heart. Then tonight, after talking to my mom in prayer, I was randomly switching through stations on the radio and stopped on a station I rarely listen to. After not really listening to the song, I turned it up. Turns out the name of the song was 7 times 70. Another 7 number, totally freaky but I love it! Mom heard my prayer again!! I forgot to share another thing that happened today; I was at my mom and dad’s house and earlier I told my dad I think mom was dialing on my cell phone, and then that afternoon when I was at dad’s, his house cordless phone started making a ringing noise non-stop for probably 30 or 40 seconds. I asked dad what that was, and he wasn’t even holding the phone. My mom was a talker so that wouldn’t suprise me if she was communicating with us that way.

    And finally to add one last sign she communicated with us, it was like the day she past away or the day after, the town I live in launced a new radio station- so what you say? Get this- the name of the station was my mom’s name- lol! Even my friends took this as a sign that this was a perfect afterlife communication method for mom as she loved to talk and be social.

    So if you are in doubt, take into consideration my experiences. These are NOT made up, I don’t do drugs, I’m not crazy. I’m just a regular person who loved her mother with her whole heart. Heaven is a real place and your loved one can communicate with you. You just have to ask them and relax in a peaceful way. Then they will send it your way!

  75. Erin

    On May 1, 2011 at 10:08 am

    OKAY. this morning i woke up and now am really freaked out because i have this camera that sits across my room on the boom box. I woke up this morning and it was right next to me. Now, my first reaction was check my parents room. I did, and twenty minutes later, they are still asleep. I have had the feeling of being watched for awhile and have seen things. My great grandfather died when i was little but i cant find a way the camera would relate to him. Help?

  76. Ray

    On May 7, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    My mom died over a year ago now , My sister at Easter time took her a colored egg and put it deep inside the cement vase used for flowers and flowers were on top of it , so not easy for someone to see. when my sister went back the following week the egg was gone. no shells were found near the grave from animals etc.the state of NC were we live we are not natives of so we don’t have many friends here and they never been to the grave . and the people that knows were my moms grave is live hundreds of miles away closest person being 3 hours away and they haven’t been here since the burial to what I am getting at is today my sister and my dad visited her grave this being now a week from the egg being taken.they happen to see a letter on odd paper kinda like wax paper but finer its like tissue paper but feels water proof. and the writing on the egg looked like a young kid wrote it U and I as Y, kinda like a devils pitchfork. and the letter reads ” thanks for the egg Lynn” my sisters name. my dad almost passed out when he saw it and got freaked. anybody have any ideas If this could of been written and left from our mother. its really freaky, pls reply If you have any feedback ty ..Ray

  77. Ray

    On May 7, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    correction … writing on the paper not the egg *

  78. kimmy

    On June 21, 2011 at 6:52 am

    My gran recently passed away who i was very close to. i was unable to say goodbye to her and i beleive when she went she thought i had gone away and forgotton about her and didnt really care too much. I always asked her to give me signs, signs that i would not even hesitate in knowing it was her. I have had a few things happen. She passed May 12th this year. Whilst i was at Universal studios in Singapore and the tube ride that had 14 tubes broke down, we were last off the ride and in tube number 13. Tubes number 12 – 1 were all stuck in complete darkness for a couple hours. Prob nothing. Couple weeks ago i was sitting with all windows doors closed no movement breeze. The fabric tapemeasre dangling off the ironing board began to swing for no reason in front of me. I got up checked all doors etc no breeze. I walked past it to see if it would move and it moved the same way as it did before as if someone walked past and was invisible. About 5 min later a plastic shopping bag on the table just flew off the table on its own and fell on the floor. my cat went mental and was fixated on the spot for about half hour but was on edge all night. This Sunday just gone i left the house and came back to find a red cushion with chinese symbols (my gran loved chinese stuff and people) had been moved off my dining room chair bout 5 m away and placed neatly on my lounge. My flatmate was 200km away and no one else had access. This was not in the spot when i left, i noticed it the second i got home as its red and it goes with the set on the chairs where as the lounge ones are blue and i have like 6 of them. Cannot explain the cushion at all. Every time i walk to a clothes shop or shoe shop she pops into my head straight away (its like a reminder you dont need that or stop spending money) lol as she used to always nag me about money and spending. The other night i was watching pay tv but i was looking at something online i know she really would have disagreed with (and im an adult and i wont say anymore) but my pay tv all of a sudden clicked to the set up menu. This has never happened before and again had no way of doing it unless i had the remote which i didnt. I beleive it is my gran as i have never had anything here before. I thought i would share it anyhow, im going to get someone in to acess :)

  79. CydMarie

    On June 22, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    Heii Im Trying to find a website were i can actually communicate with my grandma she passed away. My family didnt want to tell me so they decided to tell me 10 days later which made me so mad. But I allready know something happened to her cuz i had wierd feelings i cudnt stop thinkin of her. Even at nite i cried for her. One day i saw a spirit in front of my closset looking at me and i was scared i closed my eyes and opened them and she was still there until i fell asleep. Idk What to do cuz she was 99 yrs old but i loved her so much i was ganna kill myself for her but im tryin to talk to her. Sometimes i can smell her<3 Someone pls Rite back !

  80. Your daughter

    On July 6, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Dad please contact me

  81. roneel rohit dutt

    On November 17, 2011 at 2:22 am

    i felt a strong presence of something ,it was like a cold chill of wind blowing ,i still don’t know what it was strange.

  82. Frank

    On December 30, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Not so much ghosts as they are residual playback, not a living creature like a spirit. My dad died last year and from time to time he announces his presence by the unmistakable smell of pipe tobacco,my brothers living miles apart have had the same experience. Then there are the bumps and knocks, usually as I’m about to fall asleep, I respond by saying, yeah, I hear you, I know you’re there, do you want to talk to me? There has been no verbal communication, but from time to time, usually either 5 or 6 in the morning, someone repeatedly calls my name, he has a southern irish accent and I have no idea who he might be. Next door to me a lady recently died, passing over in a coma, when she awoke on the other side she thought she was still alive and began haunting her own house. The house was leased to several families none of which stayed long, the last of which declared that the house was haunted, something I already knew. I knew because when the house was empty I could hear electric switches being switched on and off, day and night, bumps and thumps from the kitchen, furniture being dragged and moved, something she did when alive. So, I tried communicating by thought, explaining that she was dead, asking why no one spoke to her or paid her the slightest heed. I told her that there was nothing left for her here on earth, that she had to look for the light and there she would find family and friends waiting for her. That was five weeks ago, and there hasn’t been a noise heard since, so it looks like she has crossed over having found what I advised was true.
    Those who don’t subscribe to the idea of the paranormal are folk who have experienced nothing and simply don’t believe, their disbelief is mere opinion, whereas those who have seen with their own eyes and heard with their own ears know it to be true for a certain fact. From a very young age I have been aware of the paranormal, as was my mother, although it seriously scared her, my grandmother was like me, we just accepted it as something that was very real, the experiences we have would fill many pages, from all down the years.

  83. barnhardtashley42

    On March 11, 2012 at 3:23 am

    i am trying to figure out whats in my home i just moved in here like two weeks or so ago and about three days after living here my daughter which is two was in the kicten pointing up saying mommy he wants down ….he wants down mommy i saw nothing and it was only her and me there at the time later on that night she went to play in her room and she was talking like to someone i asked her who she was talking to and she said her i asked her who she was she would just say her while pointing later we talked she told me that she was little and that she was black. and she likes to play with her but about a week after that she was in her room and just started scearming and crying she said i dont like him mommy i dont like him she said he was a big mean man and that this man is telling her that he dont like her i need some answers seriously this is scaring the hell out of me i got this house rented it with the last of my tax money i also had to sign a three year contract! i dont know what to do but i know something is here we have recently started hearing loud nosies as if someone was knocking in her room my daughters this may sound stupied to u it would have me if i werent the one in this sitution but grawling thats happened once at night while i was watching tv. i left that night by the way! my daughters toys have went of sounds by themselfs like twice thats happened but last night was the worst while watching tv i thought i heare a knock looked to see but there was no one out side sat back down and it started agian and kept on for like 30 secs realy loud nostop just banging i got this feeling that whatever this is aint nice and wants us out we also have another child that is 1 and my two year old said that they talk to her all the time that they like her but that they dont like or the mean man dont like her so she says they like my 1 year old but not her my two year old i know when the man is around now cause my daughter who is two will hold her head down and close her eyes real tight and cry but i cant get her to talk to me anymore about him please help me any advice would be soo helpful u any of u know what it is i might be dealing with as far as if they will or will not hurt my children i talked to my land lord found out my house is on a plantition back in the day with salvery and there is a home right across from mine that was from then old and i also have a building that came with my house that my friend was out side one night and said she thought she heard a womens voice and children laughing what do i need to do? please any advice!!!!!!!!

  84. ashley

    On March 11, 2012 at 3:23 am

    i am trying to figure out whats in my home i just moved in here like two weeks or so ago and about three days after living here my daughter which is two was in the kicten pointing up saying mommy he wants down ….he wants down mommy i saw nothing and it was only her and me there at the time later on that night she went to play in her room and she was talking like to someone i asked her who she was talking to and she said her i asked her who she was she would just say her while pointing later we talked she told me that she was little and that she was black. and she likes to play with her but about a week after that she was in her room and just started scearming and crying she said i dont like him mommy i dont like him she said he was a big mean man and that this man is telling her that he dont like her i need some answers seriously this is scaring the hell out of me i got this house rented it with the last of my tax money i also had to sign a three year contract! i dont know what to do but i know something is here we have recently started hearing loud nosies as if someone was knocking in her room my daughters this may sound stupied to u it would have me if i werent the one in this sitution but grawling thats happened once at night while i was watching tv. i left that night by the way! my daughters toys have went of sounds by themselfs like twice thats happened but last night was the worst while watching tv i thought i heare a knock looked to see but there was no one out side sat back down and it started agian and kept on for like 30 secs realy loud nostop just banging i got this feeling that whatever this is aint nice and wants us out we also have another child that is 1 and my two year old said that they talk to her all the time that they like her but that they dont like or the mean man dont like her so she says they like my 1 year old but not her my two year old i know when the man is around now cause my daughter who is two will hold her head down and close her eyes real tight and cry but i cant get her to talk to me anymore about him please help me any advice would be soo helpful u any of u know what it is i might be dealing with as far as if they will or will not hurt my children i talked to my land lord found out my house is on a plantition back in the day with salvery and there is a home right across from mine that was from then old and i also have a building that came with my house that my friend was out side one night and said she thought she heard a womens voice and children laughing what do i need to do? please any advice!!!!!!!!

  85. ashley

    On March 12, 2012 at 12:34 am

    hello is anyone there can anyone help me?

  86. tonyarei

    On March 17, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Monday morning I was awakened by my grandfather calling (yelling) my name. I sat straight up in the bed. I later found out he had passed away at the exact time I heard this.

    We were very close. What does this mean?

  87. tonyareid

    On March 17, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Monday morning I was awakened by my grandfather calling (yelling) my name. I sat straight up in the bed. I later found out he had passed away at the exact time I heard this.

    We were very close. What does this mean?

  88. Edmonton Oilers Jerseys bhmab0323

    On March 23, 2012 at 2:45 am

  89. Mia_

    On March 26, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Those are negative spirits, they live on fear. Most likely lost spirits too.
    If I go on what I’ve learnt in my life.

    You need to get help to remOve those all those spirits , because of your children. Especially is your two year old and one year old become connected to those kids, they can take your child with them to the afterlife.
    And that ‘big scary man’ needs to Leave! . He can’t be there. He’s negitive energy. I’d try to find, a medicine man ’spirit guide’ ‘meduim’ ’some one with experience :) .

    I tried. :)
    I’ve recently learnt that I can communicate with spirits, they terrified me as a kid.

    Don’t be alarmed. They can’t hurt you.x

  90. peter

    On April 2, 2012 at 6:29 am

    I can hear unkown voice about few week ago, before that I never hear any voice and I know it something not human. At first, I thought it spirit but after read the article explaination and the unkown voice that refer to ghost. she an old woman voice that I heard every day and she speak by intonation voice.I think she don’t know she dead or can’t cross over to the other side. she speak in a language that I only understand a bit. I really hope the unknown voice can go away.

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    On April 17, 2012 at 10:05 am

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  94. Renata

    On May 7, 2012 at 5:46 am

    My 8 year old son died last year. Since then every evening at exactly 6 pm, and I mean exactly to the minute, light starts to flicker. It happens only in the part of the room where Chris used to sit to watch TV, too sick to do anything else. No other lights are affected. I used to think it was an electrical malfunction but because it happens at exactly 6 pm each day I am starting to seriously wonder whether my boy is trying to get my attention. Just in case he is I talk to him the moment the lights start to flicker.

  95. Paul Kurt

    On May 14, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    I beleive that we go on to live again, i strongly beleive that we are watched over and have my own proof. thank you for the explanation and god go with you always

  96. will

    On May 23, 2012 at 7:48 am

    i have got some interesting news for you all my nana passed a year ago this month when she died i kept getting a smoke scent, just recently in bed i could feel my hair being stroked at first i was scared and i even thought i was going round the bend, anyways a few days later it started happening through the day and i asked if it was my nana and to hold my hand all of a sudden my hand was squeezed i was very scared after that and then a few nights later i decided to be carm and i felt like a hand over my face and it stayed all night i fell asleep and now all hours of the day when i think of her she is there beleave me people spirits do exist and they come to you to show you that they are there, i also seen lights flicker and i seen love hearts in the bubbles of the sink, if anyone as experienced something similar write a comment i would like to hear them.

  97. Maja

    On June 1, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    I have never actually witnessed anything happen, but since my dad passed away in January, 2011 I have had 3 different occurrences that are strange to me.
    On two occasions I woke up to my window blinds as well as my curtains being wide open. I always keep them shut as there is an easy view from the main street into my bedroom.
    The third one happened this morning– I was about to plug in my phone as usual to get charged, and the charger was unplugged, rolled up and placed on top of a book nearby, as if it’s an item that is just there and I never use. However, last night, I know i unplugged my phone from the charger as usual so that i could take it to bed with me.
    It freaks me out and I don’t know what or if i am supposed to do anything at all.

  98. Tiggyboy

    On June 16, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Im a seasoned Christian, I’m sober an only believe in evidence an the real visitations of the Holy Spirit an Jesus an the angels. ( the devil is real) but under Jesus feet. One day, my aunt an I were talking an suddenly there was a scent that was suddenly there, it was my moms. How could this be?. She was a Christian. Isn’t she sleeping Til Jesus comes in the second comming to awaken her?. My aunt is a great Christian an when I told her, she stayed quiet an just smiled. I’m so puzzled?.

  99. someonesecret

    On August 6, 2012 at 3:48 am

    i just moved into my new home. at the front door there is a skelaton. it is creepy. my friend and i keep hearing soft and bearly hearable music. i keep hearing slamming of doors and when i walk around the house no doors are shut my naighbores are away and a few people are out. what is happening and can you explain the skeleton.

  100. Micah Smith

    On October 6, 2012 at 9:16 am

    Hi, my name is Micah and I came across your website and was hoping you might be able to help me. I am 27 years old with 3 children 2 boys ages 10 and 3 and a daughter that’s 2. A little over 3 years ago I lost the most important person to me in the entire world next to my husband and children, she was my best friend although I’d never admit it to her, she was the best person I’ve ever known and she spent every day since I was born trying to be the best mom she could be. She was the most happy outgoing person you’d ever meet until 7 years before she passed when she was diagnosed with lupus. Although she was sick her death was very unexpected. She was admitted to the ICU on a Friday evening. Assuming it was just same ol’ lupus stuff like always and she’d be out in 2-3 days I didn’t think much about it. By Saturday morning she was mostly unresponsive and on a breathing machine, by 1 a.m she was gone. Not once did any doctor ever speak with me much less any doctor or nurse for that matter let me know that her situation was critical and that we should start saying our goodbyes even though after learning her diagnosis they knew it would be soon. Even after she passed none of the doctors came to speak with myself or anyone in my family. Anyways to get to my point I was pretty much a brat, who took her for granted, treated her like crap a lot of the time, and never had the chance to tell her how much I really loved her, needed her, appreciated her etc. She knew my oldest son well, by my middle son was only 6 months when she passed and my daughter, her first grandaughter that she wanted so bad wasn’t born until almost a year after she passed. I don’t have much money, but I’m desperately looking for someone to help me communicate with her if possible, just so that I can make sure she knows that I loved her and that I miss her every single day and how sorry I am for not believing she was as ill as she claimed and the way I treated her. I just need someone to please help me talk to her 1 last time if possible. My grandmother, her mother just passed this year, and my grandfather when I was 6 so I’ve lost everyone and I just need someone to please help me find closure. If you can help me please e-mail me back and tell me how everything works, what I need to do etc. I’m in Houston, TX so would obviously need to be done via phone or skype.

    Thank you so much for your consideration!
    Micah Smith
    Email address is

  101. Suhel Qureshi

    On November 13, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    I had seen a dead woman several years ago say about 17 years ago.. Now as my mom is dead I try to see her spirit but I have’t seen her.. my mom died about 25 days ago and there are no signs of her yet…

    please suggest me something..

  102. Neda Maheia

    On February 9, 2015 at 11:03 am

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