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A Ghost Story

I thought I’d share a ghost story of my brother’s since it’s almost Halloween and all. :)

We used to sleep in the same room together, but had different beds of course.

Well, one night we were going to bed and my brother had just randomly awoken in the middle of the night to see this white glare at the end of his bed.
He’d look to me to see if I were awake and had maybe seen it,  but I was out like a light.

So naturally, he freaks out and puts the blanket over his head. Breathing really heavily and scared to death. 
But he got curious to see if it were still there and took the blanket off his head, but to no avail, the white silhouette was still standing right at the foot of his bed.

He keeps freaking out, he’d even tried to go back to sleep. Then he’d peek to see if I were up yet. He even thought maybe he was just having a nightmare.
Nothing was working out.

He’d lie under the blanket for long time. Minutes felt like hours to him. He couldn’t stop the panic and he was afraid. 

Finally, he took the blanket off again to give it another try, but it was still just quietly standing right at the foot of his bed.
So he lies there and thinks of what to do. Maybe he could distract it, or scare it off. Whatever he could do to just get it away. 
He immediately jumps out of his bed and goes into my bed, then puts the blanket over himself yet again.
Then, he gives it another chance. He started getting impatient. He was tired, but too scared to go to sleep.

He looks to see the figure wasn’t there anymore.
And the way my bed was, you’d look straight and the door was on the side with the wall. Basically, when you walked in, you’d have to look left to see my bed?  I hope that makes sense.
But he said as soon as he looked across and didn’t see the figure standing there, he looked straight ahead and he saw this figure had been peeking from the door, and immediately took it’s head back. Like it had been sneaking to see him and my brother caught him so the white figure just moves its head back.

It’s a lot more better when it’s being said and when my brother does it because, well, he was there and he has that deepness in his voice haha. It’s all scary and gets you in the mood more. 
But the odd part about this was, my mom’s brother was murdered before me and my brother were born. He had obviously had a foot odor, too. 
Well, my brother told my mom about the ghost the next day and she said that it was ironic he’d seen it because she had been smelling a foot odor. I’m sure she remembers his smell and everything, but it was just creepy.
I don’t have any ghost stories, but the way he said it was so scary and I probably just ruined it haha.

Liked it
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