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Aliens, are They Real?

New exclusive info leads to either the possibility that aliens are here, or never were.


Aliens… what are they? Are they Tall or short, Green or Blue, Skinny or Fat, Speak or not, Visible or Invisible, Most importantly, are where are they from?  New evidence proves that aliens exist, but we are not sure what they would look like, act like, or anything.  I’ll touch on that later, but for now I will give you the evidence that suggests that aliens are legit, and they have been to Earth before and are here now. 

Before I get started I’d like to say, if you are a skeptic, keep an open mind.  And if you are firm believer, find more questions to ask. 

One of the newest finds that I have stumbled upon is that in some crop circles, there is an energy source being found.  This energy source is known as Plasma Vortex.  We, on Earth, do not have the technology to produce such energy and power yet, but we know what it is and how it works.  Another very interesting thing about Crop Circles, is that people try to take credit for them, even though you can tell man made ones from Extra Terrestrial ones.

Another piece of evidence that is quite fascinating is the fact that people and civilizations that had no contact with each other, whatsoever.  Decided to just start building pyramids.  The coolest case with pyramids are with the Great Pyramid and a pyramid in Peru.  They are the exact same size–the base of them, and they are located on different half’s of the Earth.  But strangest of all, these pyramids seem to be located on each side of the earth that contains the greatest mass!  Now who could have predicted, back thousands of years, where the greatest mass of Earth was? 

My favorite piece of evidence is the Pyramid in Peru, Puma Punku.  This pyramid is made from stone that only diamonds can cut.  The cuts made on these stones are so perfect, that even with the laser technology we have today, we could not do it.  Puma Punku is a very valid point because all the civilization here had was hammers and tools like that.

The final piece of evidence is located on Easter Island.  There are statues in the ground, some as long as 80 ft and  as heavy as 100 tons! This island has no history of this rock ever being from around it. Also, back in these times, ships were unknown to civilizations.     All of this evidence is proven and is scientifically correct… Aliens are here bro

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