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“Ancient Aliens” is Attacking Christianity

The show "Ancient Aliens" on the "History" Channel, have often questioned the Bible’s athority. These are just a few of the ways they have done it.

       The History Channel is, for the most part, fairly reliable. However the show “Ancient Aliens” is now attacking Christianity, and trying to mock Christians. I know every one is entitled to their opinions, but why is this show given any credit? Why do people believe what they are saying? What facts do they even provide? Here are some things I have noticed about the show, that bring into question it’s credibility.

         First the show is biased, that’s not a problem, every one is biased. I have my bias in this article they have their bias in the show. However they attempt to make it sound like factual information when most of it is just speculation.

        ”Ancient Aliens” finds information about UFO sightings, and tries to prove they were real, or try to explain something that happened in history, by saying extraterrestrials were involved. That’s find, I personally don’t believe aliens exist, but if they want to try to prove it go ahead, the problem is that they try to say anything super-natural is due to extraterrestrial involvement.

        Some examples of the shows outrageous claims include saying the “Arc of the Covenant” was alien technology, Aliens created the pyramids, Aliens gave humans a desire for gold, Aliens helped Joan of Arc defeat the English, The founding fathers believed Christianity is wrong, and extraterrestrials probably existed, etc.

        Before you believe everything you hear from this show, I encourage you to see how many times you hear phrases like these, “Many extraterrestrial enthusiasts believe”, “Some scientist suggest”, “Supporters of Ancient Alien encounters say”, etc. I’ve found that statements like these, that sound good, but really have no importance, are used extremely often in the show. This is one reason that I don’t trust it.

       Another reason “Ancient Aliens” isn’t credible, is because they don’t back up their theories with any facts. They said that many of the founding fathers believed in extraterrestrials, and thought that Christianity was dangerous. I have done some research into this, and I haven’t found anything that suggest this was even close to the truth. They said that John Adams was a worried of the dangers of religion in America, but John Adams is noted for saying “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

       Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment with your opinion(s).

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  1. jeff

    On December 4, 2011 at 1:23 am

    I use to be a very strong christian (catholic, which is considered to be the original christian church (Peter was our first Pope))until I studied the facts about the alien presence. Our planet is so very old, so many things happen that explain the truth. The Sumarian texts are a vital piece of our history, read up! Even before that, other groups of beings have done more than you will ever realize. Until you can stop having only one belief about the past you will NEVER be open to any facts, facts that prevail!! You are being controlled by your religion, past, present, and future! Be smarter than that!! Don’t just study the bible, study what brought about the bible!! I hope you can find the truth!!!

  2. Age

    On September 3, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    Jeff, you are being controlled by shows like ‘Ancient Aliens’. I myself AM a Christian, and I do watch Ancient Aliens, but much of what is stated is speculation. I watch it to get information on archaeology and some other information, but the speculations on this show are idiotic and far reaching. You need to wake up because many suggest that Zecharia Sitchin’s interpretations of the Sumerian texts are WRONG.

    Here’s an example – to suggest Noah’s ark was a laboratory for DNA is absurd. People have a difficult time understanding how the ark could have held all those species of animals, when the Bible says NOTHING about different species. The Bible talks about God creating the plants and animals after their KIND, meaning if they can reproduce, those animals are of the same kind. Therefore, a horse, pony, zebra and donkey are of the same kind. This implies a much broader meaning than species – how about genus or family? Therefore, the story of Noah’s ark is plausible. But people like you probably don’t read the Bible and understand what it is really trying to say, nor do you have an open mind.

    Did you ever think that these aliens are demonic?

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