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Another Ghost Story!

Hopefully I can word this one better than the other. It’s another ghost story of my brother’s. Enjoy!

My brother and his two friends decided they’d stop at this haunted house they’d found online.

At first, they’re walking around and just trying to get a feel of the place. To especially find out if it’s just a scam that someone had written about on the internet.
They’re in this house for hours and nothing happens. It just keeps getting later and later. So of course, they were young and excited, but that excitement slowly turned into being tired. So they walked downstairs to leave and Clint, my brother’s friend, had noticed something in the window as they passed one of the bedrooms towards the front door.
Clint walks into the bedroom and he described it to be a little girl just hopelessly sitting at the window. Just staring outside all alone, in the dark. 

Clint, being curious at this point and finally excited to spot something, he walks in closer. Hoping to come in contact or to just see what the figure would do. 
Clint walks closer and puts his hand out trying to touch it. The figure comes right at him, very fast, and starts growling at him with its hands coming towards him like it was going to grab  him. 
Needless to say, he was incredibly unprepared for that because it was so sudden and fast. It didn’t walk or run neither, it just flew or floated at the speed of lightning. In the blink of an eye. They panicked and ran out of there haha.
And my brother told me when they were in the car, they wanted to take a look at the house to see if they’d see anything. They saw this little girl standing at the window, just watching them.

Liked it
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