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Are Unicorns Real?

Theory about how unicorns came to be.

Of course everyone has heard of the mythical creature, the unicorn. But where do you think this idea came from? Do you think that someone really just made up the idea of a horse with a long spiral horn? I do not believe this. I believe that in ancient times, about the same time that this devine animal started appearing in stories, that a group of people found what they thought to be a horse with a long spiral horn washed up on the coast, only, because it was dead it had no legs. At the time they didn’t know exactly what it was they were looking at so assumed it was a new kind of creature. I truly believe that they were looking at a Narwhal. The Narwhal is in marine mammal that comes from the Atlantic portion of the Artic Ocean, including areas like Hudson Bay, Baffin bay, and Davis Straight . So how do you think one of these giants got mistooken for a unicorn? Well, there are a number of reasons why. For one adults vary in size weighing between 1000-1600 kg, and 400-475 cm long, thus making them as big if not bigger than a horse. Males horn, or tusks, are often quite long, dark in colour because of algae and have a wavelike form you can see when you look down the horn. So that doesnt really fit the description of a unicorn, But the female Narwhal on the other hand has a shorter horn than the male, perfectly straight, and due to less algae gathering on it appears way more white than the male. Now that sounds more like the magestically straight gleaming white horn of the Unicorn. Of course there is no real proven connection between the two, just theories about how people came up with a creature such as the Unicorn, and even way back in ancient civilization people would stumble upon beautiful spiral horns, and identify and sell them as unicorns horns, making 20x their weight in gold, who knows if they knew they were actually selling the tusk of a Narwhal, but it would be a logical explanation.

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