Assorted End of The World Prophecies and Theories Reviewed

There are many predictions according to which on 21st December 2012 the world will end. This date is supposed to mark the end of a cycle of the Mesoamerican long count calendar which is claimed to be almost a 5125 years old cycle. Some people translate the significance of this date differently and say this date will mark the beginning of some changes and transformations. They think that Earth and its inhabitants will go through positive spiritual and physical evolution. This date is pretty much open to different interpretations, some say it will mark the end of the world others say it will mark a fresh start.
There are several concepts about how the end of the world will occur. Some advocate the concept that a plant called ‘Planet X’ or Niburu will collide with the Earth and will destroy the Earth and therefore cause the end of the planet. Originally this event was forecast to happen in the year 2003 but was then ignored because it did not occur in 2003. By the year 2012 the activity of sun is also predicted to increase. The sunspots might increase which will cause a serious rise in the temperature of the Earth’s surface. Nostradamus, who was a very famous clairvoyant, also foretold that the end of the planet will happen in December 2012. Lots of Nostradamus’s predictions have been proven right till now and plenty still have not occurred.

An Indian Guru, Guru Kaliki Bhagavan has promoted throughout the country that 2012 will be the end of the Kal Yug. Kal is AKA the degenerate age. Thousands of people accept that Guru Kalki Bhagavan is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He has said that in 2012 the human species will be enlightened spiritually.

The magnetic poles of Earth are shifting continuously. It has been recorded that the North Pole is shifting towards Siberia. Due to this shifting of the magnetic poles severe changes in climate are happening. The shifting of the magnetic poles is causing in the magnetic flux which in its turn is also causing the liquefying of ice caps. The melting of ice caps is normally accredited to only global temperature increases but the change in magnetic flux is one more reason which is causing the ice to melt. The changing magnetic flux is also causing a large amount of magma activity. This magma activity is causing the motion of tectonic plates which is increasing the frequency of quakes. The Bible scriptures say that a war will happen in the middle east and something will occur which will melt the flesh. This may be translated to be a holocaust due to a nuclear bomb. Also in the Book of Revelation it is written that mountains will become valleys and valleys will become mountains. Conditions of serious cold will triumph and there’ll be starvation.

These days there are a number of catastrophes all around the globe. There are famines and droughts all over. These events can be regarded as a sign of the end of the planet which is coming.