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Believe or Not to Believe: Calling a Psychic

. If we are seeking out answers from psychics, then we should honor their time and their answers. I will say that if the psychic tells you something so far out that makes you want to hurt someone or somebody, that you should run, and run fast. If you are asking then you need to believe. You need to hear them. When we are listening to the answers and we respond by saying “but…” then become aware that your ego doesn’t want to believe the answers that are given to you.

I was listening to Mary Occhino on XM ® radio the other day.  Mary Occhino is a psychic on Sirius and XM radio.  She has people call into her show and they are given the chance to ask one question, and one question only.  She is considered to be one of the best psychics around.  I am always amazed at the people who call in and ask specific questions, and who are seeking answers.  These people are everyday people, and they just want some guidance to their lives and the lives of people for whom they care and love deeply.


This morning a caller called and asked a question about her son whom she considered an under achiever.  Mary was explaining that because the mom had used the word under achieve, then the son was feeling a knife stabbing him in the gut.  She further went on to say that because the mom was feeling that her son was an under achiever than the son was fulfilling that idea.  Basically she was attempting to get across is that what we think, and say to people we love affects the outcomes from those people.  But the woman wasn’t hearing Mary.  She had already a preconceived notion of the problem; its causes and remedies.


Mary gave an example of a man who had called and asked her about his brand new Mercedes Benz.  She told him that he needed to take it back to the dealer and have it checked out, because she kept seeing him in the car stuck on the freeway.  He kept arguing with her stating that couldn’t be right for he had just bought the car.  Mary just said that she reports what she intuits and she sees him on the side of the freeway stuck.  Guess what?  Two days later he called back.  Yes, his car engine blew, and he was stuck on the freeway.


If we are seeking out answers from a psychic, then why are we arguing with them?  We either believe in their intuitive powers or we don’t.  If we don’t then we shouldn’t be seeking them out for answers; especially if we are going to argue with the answers they give.  For those of us who are asking whether or not we are going to receive something, and the psychic says that they see that very thing manifesting in their lives, then we must believe that it is manifesting already.  If we keep asking then we are creating doubt within our minds.  When we doubt we bring upon us more indecision and more wait.

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