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Bermuda Triangle -Evidence of Lost Ships and Planes

These are the evidence that there is really mystery happened with in this area, where number of aircraft and vessels are simply disappear without tract. There are about more than 1000 vessels and aircraft disappeared in past 500 years.

Bermuda Triangle, where the mysterious incedents happened. No one can explain the real theory about the unexplainable phenomena happened in Bermuda Triangle. From past 500 years, no one can break the record of having about 1000 vessels and aircrafts lost in that area, only in Bermuda Triangle.

What kind of mystery lies with in this triangle?

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These are the list of lost planes in Bermuda Triangle with complete history of its disappearance.

Flight 19 - Bermuda Triangle


The avenger plane that never returned to US naval base after its flight on 5th of December 1945. The story of FLight 19 is one of the most mysterious incedents of Bermuda Traingle. What really happend to FLIGHT 19?

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Tudor Mark IV (similar to Star Tiger) 

January 30, 1948 when Turod Mark was on its way to bermuda, a 12 hour on air was about to end since they are almost reach the airport and about to land an hour. But before its arrival, the plane together with the passenger had gone and never seen and heard again.

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PBM Martin Mariner 

December 19,1945 when Martine Mariner was used to search the lost air craft the Flight 19 at bermuda triangle. They send 2 martin Mariner to patrol the area, but one martin mariner was lost and never comeback with the other one. What happen to other martin Mariner?

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Douglas Dakota DC-3 

December 28, 1948 Douglas Dakote Dc-3 took off from San Juan airport to Puerto Rico Heading for Miami Florida, While it was only 50 miles south of Florida was the last position indicated and recieved by controller. After 20 minutes Douglas Dakota never seen and heard again, and never heard landed on its destination. It disapear with the bermuda triangle with 28 passenger. What happen to Douglas Dakote DC-3?

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An R7V-1 (Similar to Flight 441) 

Flight 441 was a huge carrier that belonged to US Navy. Its one of the greatest success aircraft during its time, with its fastest speed thatn can reach Atlantic Ocean in just 8 in half hours. It was October 30,1954 when the last took off of flight 441 happened from Patuxent River Naval Air Station bound for Lajes in Azores with 42 passengers on board. Same with other incedents, Flight 441 suddenly disappeard after regular commnunication and it suddently on silent mode and never heard again. 

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Douglas C-54 

Apparently it would seem to be a sudden thunderstorm that would have disintegrated the C-54 plane. But there was much more to the story

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These are the list of Lost ships in Bermuda Triangle, after further invistigation and found out the history of its disappearance.

Mary Celeste – The Ghost Ship 

It is known as one of the ghost ships lost in Bermuda Triangle. Find out the full story and the mystery happened to this ship.

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Debris of Marine Suplur Queen 

This 524-foot carrier of molten sulphur started sail on Feb 2, 1963 from Beaumont, Texas with 39 crew. It was reported lost in Florida Straits on February 4. 

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Ellen Austin 

An american Schooner, found by other ship. When they found out, the Ellen moving in full speed but strangely nobody on board.

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USS Cyclops 

One of the greatest history happened in Bermuda triangle, the disappearance of USS Cyclops. It is one of the huge carrier ships used to supply fuel to american fleet during WWI. What mystery behind the disappearance of Cyclops?

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Until now, no one can tell why those mysterious phenomena happened. What kind of mystery cover the whole area of Bermuda Triangle, is it really the cause of the disappearance of aircraft and Vessels?.

Hope this article can give you information related to Bermuda triangle.

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