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Black Magic and The Truth Behind It

An interesting account of how, when ,why and by whom are the dark arts of black magic practiced?

Since the beginning of life on the planet Earth, the forces of good and evil have always been at loggerheads with each other. While the GOOD continues to spread light through its virtues, those on the Evil’s side continue to take up ways to spread darkness. Harnessing the evil forces of the demons, spirits, and even the Satan, they seek to change the order of the world around them. In an attempt to influence the course of events and happenings and with the evil desire to control the world, they resort to the evil and resentful actions like black magic and involve themselves in the disgusting blasphemous rites.

The disgusting and resentful practices of black magic are not something that evolved recently or is a product of the modern world. Contrarily, the satanic rites of black magic have been practiced since the pre-historic times and the beginning of life. Several references and allusions have been made to such practices in different books of history and even the holy scriptures of different religions. Ranging from the Indo-Pak sub-continent to Persia and France, these satanic rites have been practiced in different parts of the world with all kinds of evil motives behind them.

Well, the curious minds have always been anxious regarding the question how these magicians are able to harness the powers of the evil for their personal motives? What are the forces behind black magic and how are they harnessed by these magicians? Well, involved in blasphemous acts and devilish rites the magic of the dark is done with the aid of super-natural powers, demons, dark spirits and the Satan.

Ranging from the strange potions to magic herbs and amulets, human bones, blood, excrement of animals all different and weird things are used by the black magicians during the typical magical rites and blasphemous spells are cast. Different prayers are made to the Satan and the dark spirits for the accomplishment of the evil motives and the satanic deeds.

Well, a typical rite of black magic begins with the blasphemous acts in the presence of the devils and involves the formation of weird cults. Beginning the acts of blasphemy, it also involves the casting of weird spells and culminates with the rite of a fetish which can be anything ranging from charms and amulets to even real poisons to kill the victim!

Black magic is practiced for different reasons varying from domestic problems and family quarrels to an attempt at controlling the world with the dark arts of magic!

All the religions and the doctrines of the world have strongly condemned the practice of black magic, and have regarded it as an abominable act. Most of the religions have also mentioned severe punishments to those who practise it!

But in spite of all the condemnations and the anxiety about the truth and the reality behind black magic, it has always been a subject of great interest among the people. The fear exists but a curiosity to know and find out how is it practiced and is it true has always been and will always be there.

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