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Elvis is Still Alive?

What do you think?

Who has never heard of the famous theory that Elvis Presley is still alive?

None! we would be responding .. because if the success of Elvis are known throughout the world so are the rumors, urban legends dare, who want to live in perfect health and Elvis somewhere in the world, maybe in one of those tropical places that have seen his star in films.

Some people even swear to have photographic evidence that Elvis has attended his funeral, laughing mockingly in front of his fans to despair.

To support her funeral was all staged and that Presley is still alive so we may even find associations, researchers and web sites on which you can report any sightings of the King of Rock. But the thing most ‘interesting’ and that leaves us a bit ‘confused for the truth is that there are 10 races that would end once and for all any doubt. We bring you the following:

1. Elvis is in a witness protection program
The King of Rock collaborator government investigations so! resulting in entry into a witness protection program .. this would be connected to the famous meeting with President Nixon who gave Presley the badge of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). Do not think that Elvis had enough of it to occupy his time? …

2. The wrong name on his grave
Vernon, Elvis’s father, would have written incorrectly on the grave of her son’s middle name: Aaron instead of Aron. This of course, because he knew that there was buried there under the real Elvis …….

3. The pictures of the body does not look like Elvis
In 1977 a cousin of Elvis was paid by the famous American magazine National Enquirer for you to hide the photos taken at the corpse of Elvis. These were published and then of course been some inconsistencies were found with the well known physical features of the King of Rock. But we all know how difficult it was, from the standpoint of health, the last period of life of Elvis. The signs of suffering and disease also affect the great myths!

4. The coffin is too heavy
The coffin was placed in the body of Elvis weighed about 410Kg. It ‘is well known that in the last years of his life Elvis was increased in weight, but the conspiracy theorists claim that could not be so overweight, so it was reasonable to think that inside of the coffin was actually placed a dummy wax with a lot of cooling to keep it loose.

5. The statement by Tom Parker
The day of the funeral, Elvis’s manager, Parker released a statement to journalists considered strange and somewhat ambiguous. His words were, ‘Elvis is not dead. He died only his body. Let us keep up the spirit. We keep Elvis alive. I spoke with him this morning and told me: ‘Let’s go!’ This sentence has been given a double meaning, as if Colonel Parker, far from any suspicion, he actually wanted to say: ‘Hey gentlemen! Elvis is still alive! ‘
After a life spent with Presley, after the emotions shared together, we come to think that perhaps Parker, in a more natural way of this world, he simply wanted to keep alive the image of Elvis in the eyes of the world, to know that despite the King had left us in fact the spirit was still with his fans.

6. Inconsistencies on the death of Elvis
The statements made by witnesses present at the time of the death of Elvis were at odds with each other, especially with regard to the clothing of the singer, the way the body was discovered and whether or not Presley was already dead when he was found and consequently , whether or not they were practiced first aid techniques. But is not this still a key feature of our judicial most famous events? So many people are still alive …..

7. The book not yet published
It ‘been said that Elvis, at the time of death, he was reading a book on the Holy Shroud, however, that there would be published only one year. Prior to 1978 there were no books on the Shroud ?….

8. The project of Elvis
Who says Elvis is still alive declares that there would be important evidence for which Presley would arrange his flight to begin a new life away from the spotlight. For example, one could not explain why Elvis had ordered a new dress for the tour which should start shortly before his death. Or why, for example Elvis greeted some friends before he died and took away some of the family from his will. This is thought probably in anticipation that he would need a lot of money for his new life. This test is particularly interesting when you consider what could vaguely be the legacy of Elvis then.

9. A mysterious individual leaves Memphis
The day after the death of Elvis Memphis left a mysterious character. The ticket bought at the airport as a destination was Buenos Aires and was for Mr John Burrows, a name often used by Elvis to book hotels and so on. Burrows also had it that a strong resemblance to Presley … For the last statement you should take a look at our section ‘Elvis Impersonator’ ….

10. A CD with the voice of Elvis
In 2002 a CD was released, Kingtinued, where the unmistakable voice of Elvis singing songs such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love, or La Vida Loca, which did not exist before his death. Of course, investigations were initiated worthy of the most important phonic sound technicians, who came to the conclusion without a doubt that the singer in question could only be seen Elvis that the parameters of the voice matched perfectly. The CD was actually recorded by Doug Church, one of the many Elvis impersonators ….

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  1. Rosettaartist1

    On July 28, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    Ever popular and I wonder why when kids today like him?

  2. megamatt09

    On July 28, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    That does seem to be one of the more common beliefs. You just never know anymore.

  3. DR.VNS

    On July 29, 2011 at 10:03 am

    good share. Is Lincoln alive?

  4. Linda Hood Sigmon

    On August 6, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Yes!!! Elvis absolutely is still alive. I have been personally acquainted with him since 1992. We are the best of friends at this time.

    I have a web site which is in existence with his permission and ongoing approval. Here is the link to my site:

    I invite everyone to visit my site. It is absolutely free to everyone as I have vowed to never made one cent off of my friendship with Elvis who is now Jesse…the name under which he reinvented himself when he faked his death on August 16, 1977…in order that he could give life to his stillborn twin, Jesse Garon Presley.

    On my site you will see his handwritten letters, a photo of him taken in 1994 with his grandson, Benjamin as well as many documents, etc. which substantiate the facts which I present on my 65 page web site. There have been personal anecdotes from him shared by him for my site in recent months. Things about which only his people, who were there with him before 1977, would recall.

    There is no registration, no membership, no fees of any kind and nothing for sale.

    Everyone is most welcome to visit.

    Thank you very much,
    Linda Hood Sigmon

  5. Ben

    On September 10, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Linda is nuts, Elvis is of cause death! And this article is pure nonsense. Why don’t you do the research instead of copy and paste this old rubbish!

    You should get this book

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