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End of The World Comes in 2016! So Nostradamus Predicted

Particle accelerator in Geneva would be to blame for the apocalypse, if we take after his famous saying that Nostradamus had predicted the emergence in Europe of a "satanic anger arc, which will have disastrous consequences for all.

Is prophecy has to do with the accelerator or not?

Michel Nostradamus, who lived in the sixteenth century, there was only one doctor and a famous astrologer, but a rich man with scientific knowledge. Until now, nobody knows who the sources of inspiration for its forecasts, but said it is time to use a time machine in whose “mirror” to see pictures of the future.

Those who have interpreted his works as the prophecies of Nostradamus believe that we live period should be sought in quatrains X X belt is there a mention of the so-called “arc satanic rage in Europe, which will cause” terrible burning “of half the globe, writes

In 2011, deadly rain will fall from the sky and everything will be infected by them. There will be neither plant nor animal, and by 2016 all people will perish, say interpretations.

Until recently, it was thought that it could be launching a ballistic missile (Nostradamus did not know what that means in his time, so it is believed that he could see a rocket trajectory as an arc satanic “). In this case, the fallout would be pointless.

But above all, an important event took place in November this year: the particle accelerator were first tested for lead ion collisions. Stocks have been successful, as the researchers said. Scientists at CERN say the production of several “mini Big Bang’s” definitely not present any danger to the planet, even if, as in accelerator temperatures were recorded by a million times higher than those in the center of the Sun .

Conditions are created in Geneva proape unimaginable, similar to those of the primordial explosion, to whom we owe existence 14 billion years later.

Now, the experiments of the largest and most complicated scientific device ever built by man will head to the ultimate goal: getting the so-called “God particle”, ie the exact moment of Creation.

According to Nostradamus’s prediction, a catastrophe would affect only half the globe. It seems that the ocean would protect the rest of the world (America and Australia), in case you could spend an explosion in the accelerator. In which case the gossips say that Europe should be removed from Earth. So is Asia.

However, most scientists do not respond to these challenges. From their point of view, there is no potential danger, because to create a black hole, you must create an immense gravitational compression of matter. Accelerator is simply incapable of this.

In general, the LHC experiments are not something new to mankind. Particle accelerators have been extensively used in research laboratories since the mid-twentieth century and nobody has yet seen any damage caused by them.

In addition, accidents and malfunctions of these devices are extremely rare, experts say, adding that nuclear power and “explode more often” …

However, various questions arise. What could make this device? Emit large amounts of heat into the atmosphere? Even if this happens (after all, the accelerator has a very high protection, being buried under the Alps), this amount of heat is less likely to be greater than that released during a volcanic eruption, for example.

And as we know, this only affects local climate, ie only in those areas where they are located. We should not fear that hot magma will flow across Europe.

Even if the accelerator to explode, say, only if you burn the forest around him. Regarding the prophecies of Nostradamus, it was agreed that all data connections are very specific, very questionable. Dating events in his prophecies is drawn according to a timetable slightly modified from the Hebrew, dating from the creation of the world.

That could mean as well as all the horrors predicted by Nostradamus had nothing to do with our time.

There are all kinds of voices that say you still might want to stop the accelerator until it is too late. So many people are skeptical and say that anything can happen, but other experiments that are more dangerous than the accelerator. The fact is that the situation remains uncertain.

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