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Extraterrestrial Interactions With Humanity

Our goal is to speculate about possible historic extraterrestrial interactions with humanity, and consider the possible ramifications of these interactions, if real.

When we look at historical documentation, we can find only hints of these interactions. This appears to be by design, as most if not all of these extraterrestrial visitors seem to wish their “interference” in our history to remain of a clandestine nature. Likewise, on the human side, those recording the events marked as official, are equally reticent to suggest such extraterrestrial intercessions have ever occurred. Considering the excessive editing job performed upon our “official history”, it’s amazing that even these few hints have made it to the eyes of those researching this topic. But to the discerning eye, they can be found. These small crumbs of data are enough to give one with an opened mind, pause to wonder about the possible connections, however improbable. Even with a comprehensive examination of all released information, none of us could begin to draw a complete or definitive conclusion. Some tentative conclusions can be formed, however. Speculations, and theories abound, but until all suppressed data is released, or until the “visitors” choose to make their contact open and public, we can not know with absolute certainty just what these cases are about. Perhaps, not even then.

What Information do we have and for what are we looking?

It has been suggested by some enlightened researchers that various legends and myths of angelic or demonic visitations are actually recordings of extraterrestrial encounters. After all, even in the doctrines of religious thought these entities did not originate on the Earth, {Terra}, thus they are truly extra, (as in not from), terrestrial. Thus by the most literal definition of the word, angels and demons are extraterrestrials. Conversely, this does not mean that all extraterrestrials are either angels or demons. However, if we begin with this data we can undertake to find patterns, which seem to coincide with some “modern” reports of extraterrestrial encounters.

How Far Back Does It Reach?

Some sources indicate that the entities, known by some as the Grays, called by others as the Zeta Reticulans, may have been meddling with humankind for over 12,000 years. If this is so, then their hidden influences permeate all of our cultural and historical perspectives, without our knowledge. In that time, these beings have become thoroughly entrenched, in the shadows, holed up in both underground and hidden undersea lairs. Throughout the time of their tampering, human cultural development has gone through several changes. Our political, religious, scientific, technological and philosophic perspectives have endured a plethora of transformations, some of which may have occurred at the behest of their secret behind the scenes influences. It is inevitable that our perceptions of any encounters with these beings, should likewise take on almost as many different forms as these changes in perspective. It is with that concept in mind, that we examine ancient accounts, which could be seen as possible extraterrestrial encounter case histories.

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  1. Sebastian

    On December 29, 2007 at 11:35 am

    The threads of evidence run deeply when one with a burning curiousity begins to research the available data. The key for me is to remain objective, with a tinge of skeptisism for good measure, coupled with a healthy attitude, despite the controlled information that our institutions spoon feed us, attempt to stay heart centered and as balanced as possible. When I feel led to research a subject I collect all data from various sources that come before my awareness faculties, then allow my own inner computer to ‘assess’ the material. If a consistent tone emerges then I catalog, collate, stack and file it within the holideck I call my memories. This is my method of assimilation.

  2. The one

    On August 23, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Aliens are hear working with our goverments they came hear meny years ago and adapted to our enviorment with a fungus that also came frome space. The extraterestials helped us extremly with our tecnology but our goverment wont put out the realy good stuff because they wouldint make money our goverments are slowing down evelution and priventing us from entering the fourth dimmension. The extraterasials want to help us along the way but the people in power are the wrong ones

  3. Francois Hagnere

    On August 10, 2010 at 6:05 am

    A very interesting post. There are witnesses in architecture too.
    Thank you Bill.

  4. Kristie Claar

    On October 5, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    excellent post

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