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Forecast Nostradamus

Forecast Nostradamus.

It may seem surprising, but the word “Nostradamus” is one of the most searched name on the Internet, even more popular than Osama Bin Laden or Madonna. What do want to know the people in the 21st century about Nostradamus and his predictions?

Historical researchers, the most prominent experts in the work of Michel de Nostredame in Russia, Alexey Penzensky, said that for more than 400 years of formal studies did not show any attention to the works of Nostradamus. Nostradamus immersed in history only as an astrologer. We know little about prophecies of Leonardo da Vinci but know perfectly well about the treatment, culture and achievements of engineering and design-build; for Nostradamus, he is known only in connection with psychotherapy.

Paranormal amateurs immediately realized they had a very good opportunity to consider what they want from each statement Nostradamus. At the end of the 16th century, there were attempts to use Nostradamus statements for political purposes. Depending on political interests, some people often interpret some predictions as have been made by Nostradamus.

Alexey Penzensky said that in addition to the predictions of Nostradamus has also been compiled poems, but people find it strange poems because the telegraph an unusual style of Nostradamus. It is only in the centuries ago where his poems received awards for new trends emerging in the literature at that time.

Pollinaire Guillaume, one of the greatest French poet of the 20th century called NostradamusNostradamus is a masterpiece of all time. No matter how people talk about Nostradamus and astrology, prophecy books have been reprinted for over 400 years which gives a lot of inspiration to us. as a great poet. Finally, linguists and historians realize that the predictions

Researchers have tried to do a scientific study of the works of Nostradamus long ago, even before the French Revolution. More recently, researchers who studied the works of Nostradamus found some anonymous publication in a French magazine in which the predictions of Nostradamus are reviewed in the context of the era and culture where the predictions were made with nothing to do with the future.

Is the main purpose of the predictions of Nostradamus? Many researchers have taken a conclusion that Nostradamus would like to emphasize that history repeats itself.

There is little scientific work on Nostradamus. James Randi with The Mask of Nostradamus: The Prophecies of the World’s Most Famous Seer (Divination-a prophecy from the World’s Most Famous Astrologer) is one of them but the book was not translated into Russian (also Indonesian-ed). Randi stated that Michel NostradamusNostradamus after his death showed he was not mad at all. is a charlatan or a madman and do not trust themselves to what it does. However, the writings left by

When the Soviet Union collapsed in early 1990, the Soviet media reports that allegedly Nostradamus had predicted that the Soviet Union would end after 73 years 7 months. Of course, in a message to King Henry II, Nostradamus predicted the Anti-Christ in one day closer to the date of an eclipse of October 12, 1605. And Nostradamus was not the only person who predicted the existence of anti-Christ during that period.

In his work, Nostradamus did not use the game letters and words or names secret. It often happens when a craftsman compositor confuse the names of small cities and villages. The surprise was Nostradamus did not mention such places as Novgorod, Berlin, Warsaw or Krakow at the time when people already know those places. But forecasters said a lot of small cities where it is difficult to be found on the maps detail today.

Nostradamus has a library consisting of approximately 50 volumes or more which is not typical for people who are not from the nobility. He has a guide book that mentions the small urban-urban areas in France. Unfortunately, many commentators have failed to find the names mentioned in the works of Nostradamus are the real names of towns in France.

For some reason, the world knows little about the Russian monk Avel prophet who predicted the overthrow of the Romanovs Royal Family more than a century before terjadian real. Alexey Penzensky said that the predictions about the legend Avel was not written during his lifetime so that they can not be studied scientifically. Very many of the predictions legend in the West. It is important that the predictions of Nostradamus published in 1555. At the same time, many published predictions that have been forgotten in the West. Stylists make the work of Nostradamus Nostradamus writings became very popular.

Nostradamus predictions for the century-20

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