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Ghost Club

From the supernatural to reality.

Founded in 1862, Club Ghost – Ghost Club is the oldest organization in the world, research associated with these cases. Their interest was mainly associated with ghosts and paranormal phenomena haunted houses.

Investigations conducted during the night are held at alleged haunted sites throughout the year, with the aim of observing and recording phenomena. It should be stressed that the club does not perform exorcisms and does not use Ouija boards, this practice is strictly prohibited. The purpose of the club is to conduct serious research, investigations were carefully monitored and recorded. Ghost Club is a nonprofit organization and its members no fee to participate in the investigation. The club has no spaces or paid staff. The Council consists of volunteer members from England, who have devoted time and labor to this project. Regular meetings are held at The Victory Services Club in central London and entrances are free for all members (and visitors). Apart from surveys and meetings, members have a number of social events throughout the year, including a Christmas party, which is always very popular. States shall be also submitted quarterly newsletter that covers many topics. Book reviews, research reports, information, news, paranormal, technological updates to name a few. Club is informal, democratic, open to members and, unlike many similar organizations, interested skeptics are always welcome. Although based in the UK, the club has many members worldwide.

Ghost Club History

The main interest for supernatural phenomena aroused the admiration of some, but also fear and skepticism of others. The club has been mentioned in several books, most notably “This Haunted Isle” (1984), “No Common Task” (1983), “Nights in Haunted Houses” (1994) and “The Ghosthunters Almanac” (1993) by Peter Underwood, “Some Unseen Power” (1985) by Philip Paul and “The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits” (1992) by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The club has its roots in Cambridge, where, in 1855, young people from Trinity College began to discuss ghosts and paranormal phenomena. Officially launched in London in 1862 (triggering a ridiculous article in “The Times”), Club among its members early on Charles Dickens and academics from Cambridge and clergy.

This group has performed practical investigations of spiritualistic phenomena, which were much in vogue at the time and met to discuss issues related to ghosts and apparitions. The Ghost Club appears to have dissolved in 1870 after the death of Dickens, but was revived in 1882 simultaneously with the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), that there was an initial overlap of members.

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