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Haunted Houses – Six Effective Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Spirits

Six Effective Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Spirits.

Have you ever got the mysterious feeling that there’s “something” in your household that has no business to be there? This “something” might ghost or a spirit. Before you yell in terror, you must realise that ghosts cannot harm the living. Most of the time, they’re confused souls, wandering the earth because of unfitness to reach the higher dimensions. A few of them still think that they are alive. Owing to their affixation to physical localities, people, and things, they hang on.

You do not have to live your life with a spirit for company. You are able to easily get rid of a spirit from your property. Here are some simple methods for you.

1. Request the ghost to leave

This simple but efficient method really works. But don’t be rude to the ghost; you do not really know what the ghost is going through, and by being rude, you could hurt the ghost’s chances of ever getting in to the higher realms.

Talk to the ghost firmly, but sympathetic. Remarking the fact that the ghost is dead, and doesn’t own the house any longer, might enlighten the ghost about the current situation. You might also wipe out any misconception the ghost might be holding about the ownership of the house. By talking to the ghost, you can not only rid yourself of the uninvited paranormal company, but also help the ghost to set out to the higher realms.

2. Garlic

Although it sounds uncanny, garlic does help to keep paranormal beings at bay. Hang cloves of garlic in those spheres of your house that you believe to be haunted. The ghost will be out of your house before you recognise it.

3. Refurnish your home

If something in the house is attracting the ghost, this technique certainly helps. Throw away the old, un-needed items in the house. Renovate your house and refurnish it. By doing this, you can not only rid your house from both residual and spiritual haunting.

Residual haunting occurs when the energy of smells, sounds, thoughts, and apparitions of things and people who lived there in the past clings to the house.

4. Be Positive

Sometimes, ghosts can be stubborn and resist to leave. In rare events, they may even try to do harm. In this case, it is time to look within. Do you hold a lot of negativity inside you?

If you do, you must first of all replace negative thinkings and feelings with positive ones. If you’ve any disagreements or disputes within your family, you must settle it at the earliest possible.

Troubled spirits flourish on negativity. The instant you deprive them of their fodder, they will disappear.

5. Religion
Just in case of nasty spirits, ghosts, or demons, you ought to take the help of religion. Ask your priest to bless your house. Such blessings commonly rid the house of negative entities. If this has no effect on your paranormal pest, an exorcism could be required. Usually, exorcisms executed by Christian ministers can drive off the most stubborn and malicious spirits.

6. Ghost hunters

If the priests fail, start searching ghost hunting groups. Some of them are very experts in taking out an unwanted presence from homes. Take your time to select a ghost hunting group; there are several and some are more reputed than others.

These are not be the only methods to drive away ghosts and other unwanted spirits from your house. Research other methods that might work for you. And now for a few don’ts!

* Never try to contact the ghost via an Ouija board. You don’t know what you’re up against. You might provide liberal access to a evil spirit if you operate Ouija boards.

* Don’t try to execute an exorcism yourself. Only trained and qualified people should perform exorcisms. Any tries by amateurs might cause more harm than good.

* Do not let the ghostly presence upset or stress you out. Be positive and take the essential steps to get rid of it. You will soon be free of it.

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